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Prime suspects in Srijan scam manage bails, what makes CBI to fail to charge sheet 4 accused ?


November 13th, 2017

Our Bureau/

CBI’s designated court today allowed bail for the three accused out of 17 who presently locked inside jail in connection with Srijan scam, raised doubt over the way of functioning of CBI to handle the case.

CBI court today granted bails to Prem Kumar, former steno of Bhagalpur DM, Rakesh, former Nazir of district treasury and Satish Jha, former auditor in cooperative department who joined as the auditor at Srijan NGO after his retirement.

Earlier SIT which started investigation of the case from August 7 with EOU, Bihar, arrested Prem Kumar after founding his deep root conspiracy. Similarly, Rakesh and Satish Jha was arrested at that time along with others.

Sources said that three managed to avail bail from the court while taking the benefit of CBI’s failure to file charge sheet against them between 90 days from their arresting. CBI which was scheduled to file charge sheet against all the accused, somehow failed to fill against 4 persons, including the three. Though the CBI’s lawyer tried to pursue the court and pleaded for taking time to file charge sheet, the court rejected the plea of CBI.

“How could the prime accused like Prem or Satish bail out, the charges against them in the FIRs are so grievous that their conviction could easily be done in the court,” said a top ranking cop here. The officer who earlier monitored the SIT’s operations, turned disappointed today with the news of bail out of three persons.

Observers, however raised question on CBI, especially on the way the center’s investigating agency so far conducted the investigation of embezzlement of over Rs 1300 crores of government money.

Srijan scam is indeed unique  case in the history of this country in which huge government money was drained out with a calculated strategy under the nose of district administration and no one including the district magistrate was aware of the facts.

The scam continued over more than a decade and no official concerned including district magistrate was aware about the facts. More interestingly, all such officials like district magistrates have claimed that the signatures on the cheques and drafts which earlier issued by them were fake. “What they mean to say?, It indicates that district like Bhagalpur had been running with fake things, fake signatures of district magistrates etc for along period ,” is the cryptic comment of a retired staff of district collectorate.

“What the hell CBI is doing for the last three months, why it follows the previous FIR by SIT in ditto ? Why not any supplementary FIRs in the case so far ? It was just because to save the higher officer and to punish those primarily who are already in jail by virtue of the previous FIRs instituted by the SIT,” said the observers.

They further alleged that in Srijan case person concerned from top to bottom including the banks and cooperative department and even Income tax department was involved with directly or indirectly, the SIT tactfully exempted higher officers in its FIRs while claiming their signatures as fake, they pointed out. “But how could an official like a district magistrate, who happens to be the custodian of the district treasury could evade his/her responsibilities so easily? So how their roles were ignored during investigations ?” were some pertinent questions raised by the observers here.

“So it is apparent that just to save the higher officials, CBI too found the same path and concentrated on the SIT’s FIRs, resulting incomplete of charge sheet of the four persons within 90 days from their arresting,” they alleged further.

Sources said that CBI’s director, Alok Verma who camped at Patna recently, also monitored the ongoing investigation by his subordinates at Bhagalpur in the case. Does he not aware of such facts? Under which circumstances CBI also failed to give charge sheet?

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