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Arijit was produced before ACJM, Bhagalpur.

Junior Choubey sends to jail, observers claim entire episode would help him to yield high value political mileages


April 1st, 2018

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Bhagalpur police which figured union minister, Ashwani Kumar Choubey’s son Arijit Shashwat as the main culprit in Nathnagar incident on March 17 last, finally managed to send him jail amid high voltage drama.

As per Bhagalpur police’s claim, Shashwat was arrested last midnight near Hunuman temple at Patna. Under heavy security, he was produced before additional chief judicial magistrate (ACJM), Bhagalpur , A K Upadhay at his (latter’s) official residence. After completing the formalities of medical check up, Shashwat was forwarded to 14 days judicial custody at Jubba Sahani central Jail, Bhagalpur.

Arijit was forwarded to Jail .

Political observers who earlier claimed Nathnagar incident as the result of political supremacy, today blamed the entire arresting episode as political stunt. “Shashwat’s camp claiming that he was surrendered last mid night while Bhagalpur police says it as a normal process of arresting by the one of police teams which wondering different parts in the country to search out the accused persons in Nathnagar incident of March 17,” they underlined the contradictions.

Union minister, Ashwani Kumar Choubey who lambasted Bhagalpur police for implicating falsely his son in Nathnagar case, claimed his son was surrendered to police just to obey the law (read anticipatory bail rejected by a Bhagalpur court yesterday). Choubey equally lambasted some section of media for joining hand with police to tarnish the image of his high profile son. “He is well educated and even obtain degree from abroad. He during last assembly polls was defected only by the margin of 6 thousand votes. And how one could expect from such a young politician to spread communal tension in his home turf?” was the logic of Choubey.

Parties ladies wing protesting Arijit’s arresting.

Shashwat who last night was claiming about his surrender,  could not speak today to media as police here thrown  heavy security blankets around him.

Senior superintendent of police, Bhagalpur, Monoj Kumar who put high alerts in different parts in the country to ensure the arrestings of the other co accused persons in the case, strongly claimed that Shashwat was arrested by the one of the police team among the others presently searching the culprits involved in Nathnagar case, at Patna last night. “We have information about his presence and I personally sought help from senior superintendent of police, Patna for his arrest,” Kumar claimed.

Security has been tightened.  


Tension was apparently high this morning  when BJP workers including sizable number of female party workers confronted  with police this morning here. 2-3 female party workers sustained injuries and they alleged that they were beaten by police when they tried to garland Shashawat who was escorted to ACJM’s resident here.

Arresting of Shashwat last night spread like a wild fire in the city and by morning huge number of party workers started assembling on Vikramshila bride across river Ganga as police was coming with Shashwat from Patna to Bhagalpur via Begusarai-Naugachia road. BJP activists including ladies workers carrying garlands in their hands were shouting slogans against Bhagalpur police for implicating their leader in false case in connection with Nathnagar incident.

“We gathered here to garland our leader Shashwat but police didn’t allow us and beaten us mercilessly,” alleged Bimmi Sharma, party’s state working committee member. Party workers also raised slogans against Bhagalpur police when police arrived with Shashwat from Patna this morning. Sharma along with 2-3 ladies also alleged that they were manhandled by police and sustained injuries on their bodies.

Biresh Mishra, lawyer of Shashwat told that  preparation have been initiated for obtaining bail at the appropriate court. He also said argument on the anticipatory bail earlier applied for the nine other co accused is scheduled on April 2 at a local court here.

Rumours however started floating  here after Shashwat was sent to jail. “We have information that BJP workers would take out protest procession which would disturb law and order situation here,” a junior ranking cop said here. Rohit Pandey, BJP’s district president out rightly rejected any such event here. “Some of the party workers were lost their temper and raised slogans only but since we have respect for the law, there is no need to organize and protest show. We have faith on law and believe since we are innocent, law would certainly help us,” he told.

NDA workers demonstrating in front Jubba Sahani Bhagalpur central jail where Arjit was locked.

“Though BJP here now has united but Choubey’s group has been isolated. Nitish government has been always showing much interests in the arresting of Shashwat while top ranking BJP leaders remained tightlipped. Prejudices among the leader concerned and even among bureaucrats against  Choubey’ family also clear enough,” the observers pointed out. But they claimed that way police projected Shashwat as  most fugitive, has indirectly helped junior Choubey to emerged as a firebrand pro-Hindu leader in the state. “Though the situation is presently very critical for Shashwat, but he would yield good in the coming time,” the observers claims.

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