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JLNMC hospital, Bhagalpur.

Dialysis for a TB patient ; no treatment yet for the kidney patient


January 24th, 2019

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It only could be happened at Bihar….!

70 year-old Dinesh Tanti, a native of Ghoshpur Sabour who has been suffering form TB and was admitted to medicine department of Jawahar Lal Nehru medical college hospital (JLNMCH), Bhagalpur had never imagine even in his wild dream that he became a victim of wrong treatment at the hospital. He had to pass through dialysis, which is not at all required for a TB patient like him.

The incident once exposed the gross negligence of the hospital management of JLNMCH. Actually, dialysis process was scheduled for 40 year-old, Umesh Yadav a kidney infected patent and a native of Kola Narayanpur village under Jagdishpur block in Bhagalpur where people compelled to consume florid containing drinking water.

Umesh was admitted at the same medicine department of the hospital on bed No 34 and Dinesh was just beside, on bed No 35 there. On the morning of January 22, the concerned staffs came and taken away the TB patient, Dinesh to the dialysis room. Illiterate Dinesh or his family members who were present at the hospital at that time, did not understand what actually going to happen.

The matter was came to light when the family members of Umesh went to dialysis room to know why doctors and staffs concerned were making delay for the dialysis of the patient. When they were told by hospital staffs that

Umesh Yadav still waiting for his dialysis at medicine department at JLNMCH.

dialysis was going on to their patient, the family members were surprised as Umesh was on his bed. When hospital staffs allow some of the family members to verify the fact inside the dialysis room, they identified Dinesh in place of Umesh. When the act of hospital staffs  were exposed, they immediately were busy in covering up their misdeeds.

“We were scheduled for the dialysis but it was not possible as the mistake was identified by Umesh’s family members. But since Umesh’s hemoglobin level was only 6.2 gm, his dialysis too could not possible,” Shyam Sundar, the in-charge of dialysis in the hospital excused. Dr. Anjum Parwaz who was scheduled to conduct the dialysis of Umesh on the day, is not aware about the incident because he was not present at the hospital that time. Now question raised,  how in absence of a doctor, the dialysis of a patient could be possible and who was responsible for such irresponsible act?

The most tragedy in the entire episode is Dinesh and his family members have been under acute panic as they were informed that unnecessary dialysis might case side effect on the health of the patient. Dinesh who had to experience the trauma during the dialysis, was too frightened. “He has been suffering with TB and is very weak, now if some mishap would happen with him due to the dialysis, who would be responsible?” innocently ask the family members.

How effective is JLNMCH for giving proper treatments ?

On the otherhand , Umesh’s wife said that doctors earlier advised for immediate dialysis for her husband but now the staffs have been delaying it just to hide their irresponsibility. “If something would happen with my husband due to delay of dialysis, I would be ruined along with my two small children,” the wife of Umesh broke down.

Hospital management has started diverting the gross mistake and claiming different stories. However, such incidents are not at JLNMCH, earlier the doctors at surgery department in the hospital operated the hand of a patient which was not required. “When  resentments were on its climax, hospital management somehow managed the patient and his family members who were illiterate and poor,” disclosed a hospital staff on condition of anonymity.

Dr. R C Mandal, superintendent of JLNMCH however assured for taking appropriate actions against the erring and responsible persons in the episode.

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