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Could ED be managed by big fishes involved in Srijan ?


July 24th, 2018

Our Bureau/

After CBI now it’s the time for enforcement directorate (ED) to put scam stars of Srijan under scanner !

ED is all set to grill the persons who remained beneficiaries in Srijan scam amid general perception here that CBI yet not started proper investigating against the big shorts, mainly politicians and bureaucrats involved in infamous Srijan scam. Meanwhile, the propose move of the ED virtually put many such persons in utter sleeplessness.

Well confirmed source claims that a team of ED is scheduled to visit Bhagalpur for examining the properties and other assets accumulated by Srijan’s beneficiaries. ED has accelerated its investigation in the wake of the audit report of accountant general (AG), Bihar, in which it published the list of such persons who became beneficiaries in Srijan scam. ED already filled case at Patna on July 16 against accumulation of huge property and assets by defalcation of government’s funds through Srijan NGO.

The source pointed out that ED has taken the lead of its investigation from the reports of economic offence unit (EOU), Bihar which initially investigated the fraudulent of government’s funds by Srijan and its nexus last year. ED on the otherhand  filled the case on the basis of enforcement case investigating report  (ECIR) that was done for apparent violation of  money laundering act through which the accused mainly the officer bearers of Srijan Mahihila Vikash Sahojog Samity  defalcated huge government’s funds. ED would also approach income tax department to examine the filling of returns by the suspected persons.

“The ED already procured lists of suspected persons involved in the scam and now it will start investigate how such persons accumulated the amounts and if any investment by them or their property, wealth, jeweler, moveable assets along with their investments in real estates. Besides, it will examine the near and dears of such persons and will find whether they became beneficiaries of it or not. Even the ED could seized the disproportionate  properties accumulated by the accused persons under prevention of money laundering act,” the source pointed out.

It further claimed that the properties of such persons like former land acquisition officer, Jayeshree Thakur, the than district welfare officer, Arun Kumar and many others could be attached by the ED under the act.

ED would also examine the assets of the persons who were earlier arrested by the special investigating team (SIT) and locked inside the jail in connection of their direct involvements in the scam. “Names of big fishes mostly the influential politicians and bureaucrats, the kingpins in the scam also first time mentioned in the audit report of AG-Bihar along with others on the basis of transactions of huge money even through RTGS to their bank accounts by Srijan. Naturally, ED would atomically round them up in its investigation,” the source pointed out.

In immediate reaction of the arrival of ED has created panic among some persons who are also in the radar of CBI here. “Some persons are started disposing off their business and other establishments here just to avoid ED as they are well sanguine that their influences would not save them now from ED,” the source pointed out.

A retired CBI personnel on condition of anonymity said investigating such cases is a lengthy process and sometimes top ranking sources from ruling parties make the agency to delay its works. “Under such conditions big shorts usually manage some relief for them despite of their involvements. But when ED would take the case in its hand, it is very difficult to manage the agency,” the former investigation officer pointed out.

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