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Testimonial evidence of the glorious past at Anga.

State archaeological department gears up for fresh excavations at Bhagalpur


May 24th, 2018

Our Bureau/

Good news for the history lovers in this erstwhile kingdom of ancient Anga- a team of experts from Deccan college, Pune, one of best specialization in  archaeology is expected to  come soon on a spot visit before initiating excavation at some sites in the region.

Earlier the Directorate of Archaeology, government of Bihar had taken an initiative to accumulate all the tangible past cultural heritage of the district of Bhagalpur and its surroundings and studied the remains systematically to reconstruct the history and archaeology of the district. Arabinda Singha Roy , a well-known archaeologist from Bengal was assigned to conduct detail survey of the sits and also for preparing reports.

Dr Verma (middle) and Arabindo (red t-shirt) at at site here recently.

According to sources, director, directorate of Archaeology, governmnet of Bihar, Atul Verma will soon visit Bhagalpur with the high level team from Deccan college, Pune for finalizing some sites where excavation could be initiated soon. In this concern  it is mentioned here that Varma had applied for a license for conducting a details the survey through the district. Kurpat, Saroopchak, Kurudih, janglitillha,  Sourdih, some parts at Sonhoula are proposed for the excavation here. It’s worth mentioning here that earlier people related to history and some organizations like Press Club of Eastern Bihar had demanded for starting excavation at Sourdih, the possible site of the birth place of noted scholar, Dipankar Srighyan Atisa of Vikramshila Buddha Mahavihara.

Earlier due to some historian and writes, a confusion was created about the birth place of Dipankar as they mentioned it as Bangladesh. But historians like Shiv Shanker Singh Parijat who also conducting extensive research on

Such mounts are very common here under which the past is hidden.

Dipanker and Press Club of Eastern Bihar contradicted such versions and claimed the birthplace somewhere near the half-excavated site of Vikramshila. “The proposed excavation would prove the truth in establishing the birthplace of Dipankar,” Parijat said.

According to Arabinda, the team already has found 229 sites here having historical and archaeological importance. He said the entire region has immense potentialities of archaeological evidences of the ancient time. Recently some sculptures dated back Pala period were recovered at Aamdard village under Sabour block in Bhagalpur during digging of soil for construction works. “Such types of huge recoveries of antiques and sculptures surrounding the areas since long already established the claims of the historians,” said Raman Sinha, a senior teacher in the faculty of history in local Tialka Manjhi Bhagalpur University.

Important evidence of the past laying in dust here.


Excavation already initiated at Lakhisrari district  but concerning the potentiality of the cultural heritage of the district, the Archaeological Survey of India could give a permission for the district Bhagalpur, sources claimed.

“Hope we will at Bhagalpur again on the behalf of the Directorate of Archaeology to deliver, maintain and conduct the work,” said Arabindo. He however mentioned that Bhagalpur (ancient Champa) perhaps is a classical example where the oldest exhibit of an old civilization is still intact inside the earth. “Chamap was figure among the 16 Maha Janpads in ancient India and the exhibits of Chamapa including the harbor from where traders used to set out world’s voyage with Bhagalpur’s famous silk on ships, are still remains intact inside the earth here as we found during survey with modern scientific methods,” he pointed out.

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