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Oh Bhagwan , Allah , Waheguru, Jesus please instruct your caretakers to release treasures from temple ,mosques , Gurdwara and church to government for fighting against COVID-19 !


April 10th, 2020

Our Bureau/

A Tweet recently by a 15 year-old boy who is a student of class X, gears up controversy.

In fact the boy in the Twitter wanted to know why not the trusts of different religious institutions in this country come forward with their immense wealth for the sake of the Indians in this hours of crisis when Corona pandemic  has created world level havoc.

The boy also suggested the trusts of the religious bodies to done 80 percent of their wealth to the government for fighting with this pandemic.

People from all sessions all over the country have started appreciating the boy for his novel suggestion.

The boy was talking about the huge treasure troves of the religious institutions like many Hindu temples, the mosques, Gurdwaras and the churches. “Yes it is very genuine and pertinent question raised by the little boy. As we know such religious institutions earns huge amounts from the devotes round the year. The devotees offered amounts as per their capacity to the Bhagwan or Allah or Waheguru or to Jesus  in respective places,” a reader of News5pm pointed out. The reader also mentioned the huge number of many famous such religious institutions spread all across India.

We know such religious organizations or institutions carry out different social works. Such  bodies like Ramakrishna mission or Bharat Sevashram Sangh and other bodies of Muslims, Sikhs and Christians  has long history of serving people in the past during any natural calamities or in other odd events.

“People with utter faith provide their best possible donations to such religious bodies in the name of their deities. But is it true that God or Allah or Waheguru or  Jesus doesn’t   come to take the money donated by their devotes? The caretakers of such religious places enjoy such donations from the devotees. And such caretakers who use to put a barrier between the deity and its devotee, enjoy such donations” another reader claimed.

“I don’t want to go to the point, who is taking the money but if a devotee offer something to his/her deity than it’s is also the duty of the deity to look after his devotee in the time of crisis. The relationship between a deity and a devotee should be reciprocated,” a college student  gave her comment to News5Pm’s box.

Many reader said that since such money/donations offered by the devotees, considered as the property of the very religious institution.  The readers echoed the boy and urged such religious bodies to hand over the maximum of their deposits to the government in this curtail moment.

“Look all the temples, mosques, Gurdwaras and the churches are locked down and no crowd is allowed to even visit the places presently . But on the other hand the hospitals and other health units are open for 24 hours and the doctors, nurses along with all health workers have been struggling to counter the disease all over in India. In this critical time they are the God, Allah or Waheguru or  Jesus for us,” Priyanka told News5 pm during an interview.

She added further : “ do you know the annual income of temple like Tirupati or the Golden temple or the Jama Masjid or the  like St. Benedict church? The bodies on the other hand use to perform many social works that is mainly for enjoying tax exemption benefits or one can say such social works are just for saving the huge amount which received from such donations. Now what is wrong if such amount could be drained out for saving many lives from Corona pandemic?”.

Unfortunately, no response has yet been come from the policy makers, ie, the government for taking the money from the religious bodies. More interestingly, mainstream media including news channels too remain silent over the issue. “Majority of the news channels already picked up the mission against Corona virus, literacy busy in terrorizing Indian mass. It should take up such brilliant idea for rising of funds for the government to fight Corona,” many readers pointed out.

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