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Salute you Asha ! History would remember you


April 19th, 2020

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When the history would focus on the warriors who have been fighting against the fatal pandemic Corona, the name of   Asha Kumari, a frail looking young girl at Bhagalpur would certainly be mentioned!

The gates of Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurdwaras along with  all other religious institutions are locked  but the gates of hospitals are still open. And the doctors along with all the health staffs have been fighting round the clock against the fatal pandemic COVID-19 virus. Asha is one of the health workers among many who virtually dedicated themselves in the mission.

Asha Kumari

Nevertheless, the story of Asha is sometime different with many others engaged in the battle against corona. Asha, a native of Jagdishpur, a block some 28 km south of Bhagalpur district headquarters, is also a 4th grade staff at JLN medical college and hospital (JLNMCH), Bhagalpur. After sudden demise of her father some time back, who also was a staff at JLNMCH, Asha managed to obtain a job on compensation ground of his father.

JLNMC hospital, Bhagalpur.

She used to join her duty at the office of superintendent, JLNMCH (as a peon) daily while after coming from her native place Jagdishpur and subsequently returned back in the evening after completing her duty hours.

The lock down situation due to Corona, has however added additional miseries in the life of Asha. “Since I don’t have any quarter at Bhagalpur and also unable to afford rent for my private house from my limited resources, I use to come from Jagdishpur daily. But presently I have to walk on foot to reach JLNMCH from my village since I don’t have any transport option,” she said.

Asha accompanies with her mother to walk 28 km up and down daily.

“I may avoid my duty when there is no communication, but I regularly join my duty because the present time is very crucial  for a health worker,” she said boldly while adding that for traveling on the lone Bhagalpur-Bounsi road particularly in the dead hours when she returns back to Jagdishpur, her mother accompanies her every day.  “I am feeling proud of my mother as she is also contributing for my cause, hence I am not alone, I am fighting against Corona with my mother”. During Asha’s duty hours, her mother sits some corner of the hospital office or under the shade of some tree in JLNMCH campus.


For traveling 28 up and down daily is not a matter of jock for a young and an old lady but when asked, Asha replied: “who would arrange vehicle for me? We have to face the problems due to excess traveling daily since the lock down started but in the name of fighting against Corona, all our pains and miseries automatically vanished. Many doctors and health workers have been fighting with the dangerous COVID-19 virus while ignoring the immense threat of the virus. So if I am working in this condition, it is nothing, rather I enjoying it,” Asha replied with her mask covered face but her eyes were sparkling with the rays of hope.

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