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Land excuse to deprecate central varsity earlier announced by center in the name of Vikramshila Mahavihara


March 5th, 2018

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Bihar government has dumped the sprite of center’s  much ambitious  plan for a central University at Bhagalpur in the memory of Vikramshila Buddha Mahavihara, the ancient world University.

Taking the plea of ‘huge expenditures’, Bihar government urged center to cut short the  500 acres’ proposed central varsity into just 200 acres!

Nitish Kumar’s government in the state which has been always with an ‘indifferent’ attitude with Vikramshila Mahavihara, now trying to divert the issue, alleged people here.

During a question raised by Ajit Sharma, Congress MLA from Bhagalpur town seat, the government acknowledged recently on the floor of the assembly that the state government was not in the favour of spending crores of rupee for the acquisition of  huge agricultural lands for the proposed varsity. “The state government hence disagrees with the proposal of acquiring 500 acres of lands and decided to acquire only 200 acres of lands for the prosed central varsity,” government replied Sharma in the assembly.

Clarification from Bihar government side at the assembly.

“The government already sent the proposal of 200 acres lands and process for the land acquisition would start soon with the green signal from the center,” it said further to Sharma.

Government’s version.

Resentment however prevails high here  against the state government’s proposal to provide 200 acres of lands against the requirement of 500 acres for the proposed central varsity. Nalanda varsity is spread across 448 acres of lands and the center government earlier in 2015 announced the proposed varsity in the name of Vikramshila Mahavihara with a condition of 500 acres of land from state government. People alleged here that cut down the land against the requirement  would atomically block the prospect of the central varsity by the center.

Vikramshila Nagarik Samity (VNS), a Kahalgaon based body fighting for the cause of Vikramshila Mahavihara strongly criticized the move of state government which recently sent the proposal of 200 acres of lands to human resource department of union government. “This is another tactic by Nitish government for damaging the prospect of the proposed central varsity. The central government earlier sought for 500 acres of land and state government proposed for only 200 acres so that the project would be rejected by center,” alleged N K Jaiswala, the convener of VNS.

“Despite the fact that due to Vikramshila, Buddhism could survive in today’s world, if Dipanker Srighyan Atisha was not at Vikramshila, Lamaism would not have flourished in the world, but Vikramshila yet not included in Buddha Circuit or into the world heritage site of UNESCO. Well, Nalanda and Bodh Gaya already included in Buddha Circuit but why not Vikramshila ? Is Vikramshila became a forgotten chapter by Bihar government?” Jaiswala asked. He said that VNC would go to the court for having justice for Vikramshila soon.

“It’s enough, we would soon move the court, either High court Patna, or Supreme court for seeking justice. People in the region are with us,” he said further.

In the reply, the government of Bihar also informed Sharma that most of lands are ‘raiyati land’ (personal lands of local denizens) and due to the land scarcity, the government only could arrange 200 acres of land.

VNS however has rejected the plea of the state government and alleged the state government’s claim as totally baseless and concocted. “There are surplus lands ins and around Vikramshila  but since government is not at all ready for the central University or anything related to Vikramshila, it deliberately creating hindrances ,” alleged Vinay Singh, spokesperson of VNS while adding that local land owners are ready to give their lands over 500 acres for the proposed central varsity.

It is to be noted here that earlier on July 2017, district administration had sent three proposals having 500 acres of lands-  Lands of 500 acres at Anti chak Mouja (revenue village), Sangeethbeita Mouza and Nandgola Mouja in Kahalgaon sub-division in Bhagalpur;  Lands of 500 acres at part of Sangeetbeita Mouja, Parsurampur Mouja and Ekdhar Mouja in Kahalgaon and  lands of 500 acres at Goghatta Mouja, Kishandaspur Mouja and part of Ekdhar Mouja in Kahalgaon.

“Proposal 2 is the most suitable option for the proposed varsity  as it is accessible both by NH-80 and railway lines connecting Sahebganj-Bhagalpur-Kiul loop section. Also near to Vikramshila halt station and Sivnarayanpur station on this section. Besides, the entire lands are free from food zone,” claimed Jaiswala while adding that the the VNS has maximum number of land owners of the three Moujas as marked in proposal No-2  who are closely associated with VNS and are ready to donate their lands for proper compensation.

“Bihar government spent crores of rupee otherwise, what is the expenditure incurred daily for providing Z plus security to Nitish Kumar? But it could not afford money for a good cause. But since this government does not like anything related to Vikramshila, it starts on sabotage policy,” was the cryptic comment of Rajiv Kumar of Anadipur, a locality near the half-excavated site of Vikramshila.

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