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Liquor mafias yet not tamed !


April 5th, 2017

By  Ajana Ghosh

MUNGER :  Nitish Kumar might be  satisfied  with the official date  of more than two lakhs police raids and more than 45 thousand arresting besides recovery of huge quantity of liquors   in Bihar for the last one year. The figure naturally acclaimed the government’s stand in making Bihar complete liquor free state.

Nitish Kumar is contented and happy with the decision of ban on liquor, yet liquor mafia is much more active and nowadays using intelligence to transport and sell liquor in a contingent manner. The entire focus more or less is to stop liquor consumption but the addicted one’s have now concentrated their  focus on other things of addiction such as ganja, heroine, bhang and opium in local way. The director general of police, Bihar,  P K Thakur, in his visit to Munger with Nitish Kumar in January last himself gave the slogun of “Purna Nashabandi” .  He with his official data informed that charas, smack, afhim, and heroin has an increasing sale of 68 percent. Ganja worth Rupees 3 crore was seized from Nepal and Vaishaili. 30 thousand people were arrested related to this illegal business.

It is worth mentioned here that Munger having a vast part with complete topographical inaccessibility where the red ultras rule the roost, promotion of liquor still continuing. Mafias under the umbrellas of the Maoists in such remote inaccessible parts enjoying the illegal business.

But it is most shocking that women are involved in transportation of additive stuff. Kotwali  police,  Munger arrested a women Dukhni Devi recently inside the Quila premises with 21 pouches of local liquor. On secret mission the police first sent a constable to the Mushari to buy liquor. He bough a pouch of 200 ml liquor for Rupees 120. Thereafter, the police had a raid on the said place and arrested the woman, whereas her husband, Sundu Manjhi however managed to escape. The same evening Sangrampur police raided one house there and recovered 6 kg of ganja. Later the owner of the house was arrested with the son.

Later on Nayaramnagar police recovered 60 bottles of foreign liquor from a SUV on Munger-Bariarpur road . Later the arrested two persons revealed before the police that they received the consignment at Bariarpur railway station and were on way to deliver it at a place located in Lallu Pokhar locality in the heart of Munger town.

However the mafia seems to be very smart to misguide police. The revealed data says that there is a network of sale and buy process. This is too, to be noticed that they are still so active and this may also happen that many methods of sale and buy taken place under the dark.  A senior cop on condition of anonymity admitted before @news5pm that intensive raids against liquors were intensified and all the police stations were told to keep a close vigil in their respected areas. “ Active policing could not possible in the inaccessible places mainly due to the presence of the Maoists as police could not move there without any proper preparation. So when ever police starts raids in such areas, the mafias or the  illegal liquor retailers managed to evade police,” the officer admitted.

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