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Don’t blame mistakes, it provides opportunity to perform best : Gupta


December 25th, 2017

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Mistakes are positive, but mistakes are generally seen as negative whereas  mistakes are essential for the real learning to take place, claimed Braj kishor Gupta , chief mentor at Giant step,  a Bangalore based soft skill institute on the basis of recent researches.

Gupta came to conduct two days workshop on motivation among the students and teachers at Simultala Residential School (SRS), located picturesque Simultala in Maoists infected Jamui district. Gupta who expressed his serious concerned over the pathetic condition of the education system, advocated the  teachers to own some responsibility. “To make the system better and productive our teachers need to be groomed better”, he opted.

Considering the fact that many values and ethics of society are changing , noted social scientist, Gupta urged the teachers of SRS to assume new leadership role . “Teachers must be seen as true leaders of society to be authentic leaders ,our teachers must accept new roles and responsibilities. Their job is not to be confined to the academics . Teachers are mainly responsible for character building and creating new cultural ethos”, he observed.

Gupta a native of Tarapur in Munger highlighted the potentialities of Bihar and Biharees. He urged the students to become own role model. “In fact the students of the school were happiest to find a new role model for them .But rather humble, I am urging the students not to have any role models but to become role models themselves,” he urged sentimentally.

Gupta with students at SRS .

First in its kind such workshop was conducted on SRS school campus , Rajiv Ranjan, principal, SRS said .  According to him the topic ,”Grooming Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” and ” Mistakes to Miracles” were  extremely interesting. The first topic was for the teachers and the second for the students. He claimed that Gupta’s program was very lively and inspiring . He further reiterated that such program must be organised in all the schools on a regular interval irrespective of things like curriculum and owner ships of the school .

Sunita Kumari , an English teacher at SRS was blunt in telling that she never expected such type of workshop and it is  life transforming experience gained by her . She expressed her gratitude to SRS for organising such  lovely session which spread energies among the teachers and students equally. Another science teacher at SRS Bijay kumar said that the workshop was highly interactive and  eye opener for many of us.

“We learnt many things which are obviously not in our curriculum during in the short session. We are thankful to Gupta for stimulating the big equations and mysteries of human live simply,” was the common comment of the students in the residential school.

Such motivational camps should regularly be the parts in school so that students could learn to act the best in their lives, said Sandeep Singh, a social activist in Simultala.

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