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Ill-fated ASM and RPF's constable who fell pray in the hands of criminals at Katareah station.

How far long Naugachia has to adopt guns and goons culture ?


June 20th, 2018

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Recently people raised a peculiar demand to upgrade Naugachia sub-division of Bhagalpur as crime capital of Bihar!

However there were some potentialities in the demand raised by people as crimes committed at Naugachia are unique in its kind perhaps in the country. In 1992 the than Bihar government up graded this sub-division of Bhagalpur as a separate police district with posting of a superintendent of police mainly to counter crime of the lands of Naugachia which are sandwiched between Ganga and Kosi rivers with fertile cultivable lands have the capacity of high yielding.

Inaccessible diara topography , vagaries of Nature with recurring devastating floods and lack of basic civic amenities mainly due to hostile attitude of the government machinery are some of the factors raised by social scientists as the main reason of rampant goons and gun culture in this lands. Earlier in seventies a German tourist was brutally killed in the diara land because the goons involved in the incident wanted to stanch camera and wrist watch of that ill-fated foreign tourist here.

Sub divisional court, Naugachia.

However many water have flown down from Kosi and Ganga but the situation almost remains the same, explain Deependra Kumar a lawyer practicing at Naugachia sub divisional court. “Do you ever hard anywhere in the country that court are targeted for destroying records by the goons and their nexuses just to destroy evidence against them on court records,” he asked.

Cases records were put on fire during mid night dacoity at Naugachia court.

Nidhi Rani, superintendent of police however claimed that police arrested two persons suspected to be involved in the recent case in which court rooms along the judges’ chambers were ransacked, items were stolen away and destroyed and above all important case records were destroyed while putting them on fire. “We suspected the nexus of toughs, middle men and junior court staffs behind the incident to destroyed the court records while committing dacoity in the court premises in the night,” the SP said.

However locals blamed police to implicate innocents in the case. “A local court is scheduled to implicate a police officer  in ST/SC atrocity related case besides there are some important judgments are also scheduled in recent days. Police should investigate why most such cases records were destroyed?” they pointed out.

District and session judge, Bhagalpur along with official concerned reviewing the court incident at Naugachia court.

Last night a RPF constable who was on duty identified some 5-6 people in suspected positions on platform No 2 at Katareah railway station on Baruni-Katihar section of Sonpur division of East central railways, Hajipur zone and hardely 8 km east of Naugachia railway station. When the RPF constable tried to ask them the purpose of staying on the platform on the night they started beating him mercilessly. The unknown people who were  carrying arms, started chasing the RPF constable who somehow managed to escape from the hands of the miscreants, entered in the room of the station manager and bolted the door from inside. The miscreants fired 5-6 rounds from the window of the ticket counter which is also located one side of the room of the station manager in the station premises. They targeted Monohar Yadav, the RPF constable but the ASM, Rishikesh sustained the fire shorts injury

Both Rishikesh and Monohar who was beaten earlier by the miscreants and developed factures on his hand rushed to Naugachia sub divisional hospital by SHO, GRP, Naugachia at the night from where the two injured persons were sent to JLNMC hospital, Bhagalpur. Doctors attending the ASM at casualty ward of JLNMC hospital said the condition of the patient was “not safe”. “We are keeping observation for the next 48 hours, if possible we would recommend him to Patna or other places for better treatment,” a junior doctor told at Bhagalpur. While the condition of Monohar is started be to stable.

Katareah, the halt station near crime prone Naugachia.

Superintendent of railway police (SRP), government railway police, Katihar, Dilip Kumar Mishra under whose jurisdictions the area is falling, reached Katareah station this morning. GRP suspects the incident was the handiworks of wagon brokers’ gang active in the locality. “Some 15-20 day back 20 bags of sugar from a goods train were stolen by the some of the gangs after breaking the lock of the door of wagon of a good train here,” said a GRP official. He also admitted operating by different gangs on this route. Earlier on August 2016, the beheaded dead body of Silchar (Assam) boy, Preetam Bhattachariya was recovered on the tracks at Katareha station. Preetam who was going to New Delhi, was kidnapped from Abadh Assam Express train at Naugachia and was killed brutally after 7 day of the incident.

Lallan Roy, a Naugachia based social activist blamed the nexus of criminals with police and claimed there were ample of such examples at Naugachia and its adjourning areas. “The Killers of Silchar (Assam) boy, Preetam Bhattachariya were set released by the railway court earlier because police and GRP here failed to produce any substantial evidence against them. Besides, the involvement of a local level JD-U leader in the incident, finally managed everything,” he  recalled.

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