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Rumours makes Lali Pahari abandoned !

Rumours now humper excavation works at Lakhisarai; agency stops excavation works after fake news gets viral in social media


March 24th, 2018

Our Bureau/

Rumours not posing a potent threat to break social fabrics at Bhagalpur but it played a major game to postpone the ongoing excavation works at Lakhisarai which is all set to change the fate of the sleepy crime prone district- from Maoists ravaged Lakhisari to  an archaeological hub before the world.

Like spreading of rumours to disrupt social harmony at Bhagalpur, rumour mongers utilize social media sites to viral recovery of huge treasures including gold coins and other valuable treasure troves from the excavation site at Jainagar Lali Pahari in Lakhisarai

Remaining of old monastery excavated from Lalipahari Jainagar, Lakhisarai.

township. Otherwise isolated from common people’s visit, huge crowd started assembling at the excavation site as many eager in trying their lucks to have some shares from the ancient treasures recovered from the site after the news get viral on social media.

The chaotic situation at the excavation site created panic as its was also threat to the lives of the concerned persons, boys and girls from Viswa-Bharati University assigned for the excavation. “The rumour could be lead to an ugly situation and we feel unsafe,” a student said. Finally,  police was informed and decision was taken for postponing the excavation works by the varsity persons assigned for digging out ancient history from Lakhisari’s bed.

Prof. Anil (in black jacket) at Lalipahari site celebrating the successful excavation.


Excavation initiated by Viswa-Bharati University and Bihar Virasat Vikash Samity (BVVS) at Jainagar Lali Pahari in Lakhisarai town ship has been withdrawn mainly due to rumour mongers on social medias said Prof. Anil Kumar, head of the department of archaeology who supervising the excavation at the site. A FIR with Lakhisarai police was registered  and he has demanded immediate arresting of the culprits involved in spreading rumours.

Prof Kumar told on March 23 all of sudden some massages like founding of huge gold coins, gold potteries and other valuable treasures had started surfacing out from the site of the excavation, were staring viral on social sites like Whatapps and face book with fake photographs. People started gathering to the site for trying their lucks in getting some valuable things. “The situation was

Nitish Kumar looking the blue prints of the excavation at Lakhisarai.

beyond control and we immediately  decided to stop the excavation works because we apprehended worst possibilities of destroying the items recovered here recently by the unruly mob who started gather here for taking golds and treasures,” he said.

“Besides local police , I made the chief minister and other people concerned at state headquarters aware the fact,” Prof. Kumar told. Tonmoy Mandal, a student of Viswa-Bharati and also a team member in the ongoing excavation  registered a  FIR with Kabaiya PS in Lakhisarai against one mobile holder (9852746289) for spreading such  rumours of founding treasures with fake photographs.  “Earlier we had to face many hurdles from such elements who do not want development and prosperity of this area. They had tried to create public nuisances,  Prof. Kumar said.

Discovery of a sculpture of dated back Pala period at Lakhisarai.

Prof. Kumar however demanded immediate arresting of such elements and said until and unless the arresting of such people would not be done, excavation works would be remained  postpone. Bijay Choudhary, president of BVVS strongly condemned the incident and urged the government to take firm step against such elements who have tried to a give a challenge to the excavation works at Lakhisarai. “Indeed it’s very unfortunate that people now have started plying with such important issues which is directly related with people and the nation,” he pointed out.

Nitish Kumar inaugurated the excavation works which was initiated jointly by Viswa-Bharati and BVVS on November 25, 2017. The main aim of the excavation was to find the archaeological evidences below from the earth at Lakhisarai which was once an important administrative center during Pala dynasty. Gautama Buddha also spent three years here (Varsh Bash) and the entire place was famous for Buddhist activities. Besides, Jainagar Lali Pahari, archaeological survey of Indian (ASI) Patna has been conducting another excavation at Uren under Suryagara block in the district. “Lakhisarai earlier witnessed such excavations early around 1840-42 by famous British archaeologist, Alexzander Cunningham and many world level historians and archaeologists already gave their consents on Lakhisarai mainly due to its important historical significances.

“We  have started for digging out the hidden old archaeological evidences of that periods below the soil here. We already  have many rare displays of history from the site after the excavation,” Prof. Kumar mentioned.

Residents here also expressed their serious concerned over such incident and urged local administration to take firm steps against the mischievous elements. “Masterminds behind such incident certainly not like the development of Lakhisarai. The excavation would change the fate of this sleepy crime prone district with emerging in tourism map of the world with the valuable old historical edifices. But unfortunately, such elements who engineered for pushing back Lakhisarai into dark, have been actively creating such nuisances,” said Narendar, a social activist here.

The structural remains at Lakhisarai.


Vikash Vaivhab , deputy inspector general of police, Bhagalpur zone who also hold additional charge of Munger police zone expressed his serious concern and said police would not go to spare such element who have dared to play with history and archaeology and with Lakhisarai.

DIG, Vikash Vaivhab- the man in uniform who loves history. 

Arvind Thakur, superintendent of police, Lakhisarai however  said that on the basis of the complain, police identified the said mobile holder as Santosh Kumar, a native of Lakhisarai. “We have started curbing the tentacles of such rumour mongers. Hope we will soon arrest the culprits involved in it . A special police team has been assigned for arresting of Santhosh Kumar,” Thakur claimed.

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