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Happy end- Bibi Ladli with her husband Imram .

Supreme court’s judgment saves Ladli & her two infants in eleventh hours


August 22nd, 2017

Our Bureau/

For Bibi Ladli (22) and for her two newly born girls Supreme Court of India plays the role of a messenger of Allah! The court’s verdict virtually managed to save her and her two infants.

The story of Bibi Ladli, the daughter of a poor tailor master resides at Pankha toil is indeed very pitiable as she used to torcher in the hands of his husband, Md. Imran of Kavirpur locality who makes bangles and armlets with lac. The climax of the matrimonial dispute reached its height some 15 days back when Bibi Ladli was kicked away from the house of her husband.

Two families wait at the police station before Supreme court’s verdict came.


The only fault for which she was driven out was she gave birth two twine daughters after operation. After discharge from the hospital her husband who was very annoyed with her for the two new born girls, decided to give her talaq. “Since she gave birth the two daughters while undergoing operation, chances are very less that she could give birth again to another child, preferably, Imran decided to leave her wife,” said Shabana Daud, local JU-U leader and social activist here at Bhagalpur.

Shabana who took up the case for negotiating, tried her level best to convince Imran to change her decision. “He remained adamant and decided not to change his decision. So we have started preparation for legal separation of the couple and also to instituted case against him for torturing the girl mercilessly,” she pointed out.

Shabana (left) with Bibi Ladli and her two kids.


According to her today was fixed for the separation between the couple where witness from both sides were asked to present at Madhusudanpur police station. As per the rituals, Imran was scheduled to speak triple talaq to her wife in the presence of all the witness today at the police station, Shabana told.

“We reached to the police station at around 8.30 am this morning with Bibi Ladli. But her husband and his men were much delayed to reached there, they arrived at the police station at around 1 pm. Preparations were on for the process for the talaq when a cop rushed while shouting to stop the proceedings,” Shabana recalled.

The cop who was watching the TV news channel, became thrilled to watch the news headlines that was describing about how Supreme Court of India just delivered its judgment while declaring triple talaq as unconstitutional. The cop rushed to us and while referring the judgment of the court, he made cautious Imran not to deliver talaq , talaq , talaq on his lip because it became illegal and speaking it for the purpose of divorce, he may be in trouble with legal consequences, Shabana narrated what actual happened inside the police station.

Supreme court’s judgment finally postponed the divorce of Bibi Ladli.


“The judgment really changed the entire scenario, Imran was changed immediately and his family members present there also changed the decision for the divorce. Imran accepted Bibi Ladli and promised to keep her with him,” she told.

“The judgment also changed the atmosphere and the moods. We all were however celebrating it and went to the house of Imran with the girl. First I handed over the two new born girls who were earlier kept by Imran before driving her back from the house. Bibi Ladli was weeping out of joy after getting back her girls and husband also”, she said.

Bibi Ladli was not in a position to speak. “Supreme court’s judgement is the judgement from Allah , I would remain thankful to it for saving my family,” she somehow told.

Imran also expressed his thankfulness to the court. “It ultimately helped me for stopping committing the sin. I will try to keep my wife happy with me,” he promised.

Shabna when asked about the legal actions against Imran for the domestic violence, she said since the matter has settled amicably, there is no need of it now. “All is well and the girl will be sent to her parents for 15 days with her daughters and than Imran will go there to take her back and all the event will be taken place before the people from the society,” Shabana pointed out.

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