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POlice introgated the man who caught for smuggling of liquor from Jharkhand.

Police controls everything in lockdown periods, …..but smuggling of liquor from neighbouring Jharkhand?


April 12th, 2020

Our Bureau/

When government has imposed complete lockdown for countering fatal COVID-19 virus, cross border smuggling of liquor from neighbouring Jharkhand to Bihar is witnessing a rapid rise despite measures being undertaken by authority concerned. The sudden rise in the illegal liquor trading from Jharkhand has also given potent threat for spreading the fatal Corona virus through the carriers of the liquor consignments.

The lockdown has completely destroyed the economy of the this region and literary broken the backbones of a sizable number of labourers/craftsmen/ small scale business men and daily wage earners. But the trans- border liquor smugglers have the privileged to enjoy their illegal trading.

Noted expert in economic affairs and the whistle -blower in the multi-crores embezzlement episode, Srijan scam in Bhagalpur, Sanjit Kumar, CA, today  mentioned how he closely witnessed such incident this early morning today. In his face book post, Sanjit wrote at around 3 am today he woke up with a noise and he witnessed a man in uniform was beating a man mercilessly on a narrow lane at Hunuman Nagar areas in the city. “The police personnel finally snatched the mobile of the man and left the place, probably he had realized my presence,” Sanjit wrote.

According to him at around 5am, he accompanied by the guard of his apartment and some other went out to search the injured man, soon the man was located, he was hiding  behind the bush. “I rang up on 100 toll free number and soon some police personnel from Adampur PS arrived. While talking with the cops and the injured person, I came to know the man is a native of Sabour and involved in smuggling of liquors from Hansdiha in neighbouring Jharkhand. The cops informed me that last night  the man was caught red-handed with liquors and the  police  managed to seized his mobile just to known the main kingpins of the liquor racket. They informed me that police will soon arrest all such persons. But after my request for providing treatment to the man who was claiming that he developed fracture on his leg, the police took away the man with them,” Sanjit mentioned.

For Bhagalpur or for Banka, the districts bordering with Jharkhand, it was not a new incident. “When I asked the injured man about the incident, he pulled a mask from his pocket and said it contained the virus of COVID-10, that is the tip of the iceberg,” Sanjit pointed out while apprehending the larger possibility of spreading the fatal virus simultaneously with liquor smuggling.

Comments yet not come from the concerned senior cops in the region, but their role in preventing liquor racket from state like Jharkhand is in question. “Well, the law enforcing agencies like police has been trying to push back people from the streets to maintain lock down. Lock down imposed by the government has completely derailed economy and subsequently put a big question of survival before many those who are daily earners. But in this scenario, if such illegal business is flourishing, it simply could not be tolerated,” many warned.

Observers said that if such illegal activities could not be stopped immediately, the threat of spreading the disease in larger intensity could not be ruled over. “I will approach concerned higher official for such incident.  The incident has exposed the seriousness of the concerned governmental agencies,” Sanjit said.

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