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IIIT, Bhagalpur develops software to detect COVID-19 virus more easily


May 16th, 2020

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A good news comes at least!
IIIT Bhagalpur has developed a software which could be used for COVID-19 detection. The software works based on X-Ray/CT Scan digital inputs and capable for detecting COVID-19 within a very short time.

Prof Arvind Choubey, director IIIT, Bhagalpur.

To begin with the testing, professor Arvind Choubey, director IIIT, Bhagalpur and Sandeep Raj, Assistant professor, department of Electronics and Communication Engineering visited Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical college and hospital (JLNMCH), Bhagalpur to test the developed model, where 20 COVID-19 infected patients’ digital X-Ray data was provided by concerned authorities of JLNMCH. At present the developed model has proved to be hundred percent authentic in detecting COVID-19. It could be detect all the COVID-19 patients correctly within 4 second, claimed Dheeraj Kumar Sinha, PRO, IIIT, Bhagalpur in a press release on May 16.
Sinha has pointed out that IIIT, Bhagalpur started working on the means to combat the deadly Corona virus outbreak since the beginning as per the direction of MHRD. All the institute of national importance were given direction to take an initiative to develop and work on prototype/ method through research and innovation to fight against the outbreak.
While give the details, Sinha mentioned that the software has been developed by utilizing artificial intelligence techniques. He said, usually t6o develop such model a large number of input data is required. In current scenario there is no indigenous biomedical database available. in view of the medical database of few foreign Universities have been utilizing to develop this AI based model for COVID-19 detection. However, this model is required to be tested using the Indian patient database and the testing and development of this model in under process.

X-Ray of a patient by which the software could detect the prsence of COVID-19 virus.

The press release claimed that the correctness of this model could be ensured if more data of COVID-19 infected patients’ digital X-Ray/ CT Scan data could be provided . A request to provide more data for testing has been communicated to the ministry.
Sinha said that the institute has already communicated a summarized project report to MHRA, and Ashwani Kumar Choubey, minister of state for health and family welfare.
Established sources claimed that Choubey is highly influenced with the development of IIIT, Bhagalpur and assured the college for providing all short of help.

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