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Government fails to recognize Annanya’s talents ; poor girl from Bihar fights lonely in her big mission


January 24th, 2018

Our Bureau/

Annanya Verma (22) has itself become another classic example of crumbling of talent in Bihar recently mainly due to lack of any patronage especially from government side!

However, with self-confidence and talent, resources less Annanya yet not losses her zeal for transforming her dreams into realities. She continues her fights……..

Annanya, the pretty girl from a poor family background in Adampur locality in Bhagalpur city, recently brought silver for Bihar in national senior Muaythai championship 2017, organized by Muaythai Association of Sikkim from December 26-31. Annanya now has started dreaming how to enter in world Olympic games through Asian games, but she virtually frustrated mainly for

Annanya received the silver medal at Sikkim.

lack of proper training with modern equipment. “My future will depend on proper training at places like Patiala. A good coach, proper equipment and proper environment are highly required. Till now I managed my tanning here under the guidance of Rajesh Sir but for Asian games or Olympic I would have certainly to improve my practice which is not possible here,” she pointed out.

“I won the silver at Sikkim in individual event in the weight category of 71-75 Kg. But the for the trip to Sikkim I had to manage money. I represented Bihar through my coaching center, Martial Art Academy, Bhagalpur. No government add was given ; I had to participate the national event with my half-tore shoes and didn’t have proper dress like other participants. I really was very embarrassed during the march past in poor dress up,” she told sadly.

The silver medal which Annanya managed for Bihar.

Earlier Annanya participated All India inter University Fencing (w) tournament held at Punjabi University, Patiala from January 30-February 2015. She also participated 26 th senior national Fencing championship organized by Maharashtra Fencing association at Puna from March 23-27, 2016. She also managed bronze in 16 th senior state Fencing championship organized by Patna district Fencing association from February 13-14, 2016 at Patna. She represented Bhagalpur at that event.

Apart from sports, she is equally serious in her study; secured 90.02 percent in Economics BA Part-III recently and became the college topper at local S M college. “But I had to fight as Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University’s (TMBU) examination department held up my result. I was in 2013-16 session but the result appeared in December 2017. The result of my Part I was missing but after long struggle, I got my result finally,” she recalled.

Rakesh Raman Verma, father of Annanya has been teaching at a private college in Jharkhand from where he hardly gets any remuneration. Her mother,  a teacher in private nursery school, somehow managed to pull the family. Her younger sister, Tannya, a student in BA part II has been suffering from a disease which virtually damaged her legs. “She could not walk independently, an operation was done earlier at Delhi but due to money crisis, we could not afford her treatment,” Annanya silently snobs.

The house where Annanya has living since her birth.

“Yes I could do it provides I will avail the opportunities,” she told with confidence. While showing the burnt injuries on her upper parts of her body she recalled she sustained serious burnt injury when she was in class X and despite all related problems with her injury, she never left her practice.

However, such daily hazards of life hardly diverted Annanya who wants anyhow to fulfill her dreams of participating at Olympic and place India in a height in Fencing and Muaythai. For the sake of her career, she now has decided to procure any government job like in banks so that she could meet the expenses for her training etc.

“I have to qualify in coming banking examinations and for that I recently joined Banking Services Chronical, a Patna based private coaching center. The center also gave me 75 percent scholarship on my results but even I have to manage the remaining money and my food and lodging at Patna. But if I could manage to qualify for the banking services, the way would automatically open for making my dreams true,” she pointed out with references of hostile attitude of Bihar government towards a talent like her.

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