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SP, Khagaria with Pinku Jha and others today before media.

Police could do it easily : killers of 4 Naugachia youths in police net in mid night raids ; arrests one goon who carries Rs 50 thousand award on his head


November 24th, 2017

Our Bureau/

SIT last mind night managed to nab Pinku Jha, the mastermind of sensational killing of four youths of Naugachia along with his associates. Similarly, STI today arrested another noted goon of diara land who is carrying a award of Rs 50 thousand on his head at Naugachia.

And all incident happened just after top cops started cracking down criminal and also on irresponsible men in police uniforms !

SIT consisting of Khagaria and  Munger police last mid night nabbed the main mastermind of the killing episode of four youths, Pinku Jha along with three of his associates from the house of a noted arms supplier in  Munger.

The SIT constituted under the leadership of SP, Naugachia, Sudhir Kumar today arrested one noted goon, Commando Yadav  with two of his associates from Tintanga diara. Commando was carrying the reward of Rs 50 thousand on his head and had been absconding for the last 6 years. “After arresting, we have to march with Commando and the two others on the streets  just to spread massage among mass not to fear the criminals. The goons spread a reign of terror in the areas,” said a police source from Naugachia today.

police marched on Naugachia streets with Commando Yadav, a noted goon today.

SITs earlier was constituted by DIG, Bhagalpur zone Vikash Vaibhav to arrest the culprits involved in the sensational killing episode of four youths of Naugachia at the diara areas in Khagaria district and also for eliminating the tentacles of crimes in riverine belts of Naugachia.

The arrested persons, mainly Pinku Jha however  alleged the victims youths also involved in arms dealings. The decomposed dead body which on November 23 recovered from riverbed of Ganga at Kahalgaon, today identified as Sourav Kumar of Gouripur, one of the ill-fated among the 4 youths who earlier on November 13 killed at diara land in Khagaria district.

Vaibhav told SIT was busy in  intercepting  phone calls of the criminals and their helpers and also was chasing them. “Soon the information of their location at Munger was came to knowledge, the SIT consist of Munger and Khagaria cops raided Wardha village located under Mufassil PS in Munger last mid night and arrested Pinku Jha, the mastermind of the case along with Vikash Yadav, Prabhakar Choudhary and Md Shahbaz. Shahbaz a native of Wardha village and also a noted arms supplier, had provided shelter to Pinku and his associates in the village,” he told. Involvements of Pinku Jha with illegal arms smuggling racket in the areas could not be over ruled, Vaibhav claimed.

Pinku Jha with his associates after arrest at Munger village last night.

According to him, Pinku a native of Gouripur under Bihpur PS in Naugachia managed to escape from the areas soon after the killing the 4 youths and also managed to obtained tactic support from Bihpur police. The SHO of Bihpur PS was suspended and the staffs of the entire PS was shifted to other places by the DIG for it. “Pinku was very tactfully evading police while taking the advantages of inaccessibility of the diara land and was using boats to change his locations. He along his associates were trying to escape to places like Calcutta but caught by the SIT last mid night,” he informed.

He further mentioned that the dead body in almost decompose condition recovered by SDRF team from river bed at Kahalgaon last evening, has been identified as the body of  Sourav one of the victim among the 4 missing youths. Family members of victim identified the body on the basis of sport dress which warped some parts of the mutilated body.

Pinku today confessed the killing of the 4 youths of Naugachia on November 13 after trapping them at the diara in Khagaria, said police sources from Khagaria. The source quoting Pinku said that the youths were killed to settle some old disputes in the village. Pinku had old dispute with the father of one of the victim, Chotu Choudhay besides he also developed confrontation with the 4 friends (the victim youths) recently at the village.

Pinku claimed before the police that all the 4 youths were involved in smuggling of illegal firearms. “They were brought to Parbatta at Khagaria in the name of arms dealing,” he claimed before police. Family members of the victim youths earlier claimed that they were called to Khagaria for playing in a volleyball tournament as all the youths were volleyball players. Villagers however said that the victims youths were collecting money for purchasing arms to get rid of Pinku Jha after the recent confrontation with them in the village.

Some vital information from the arrested persons were received by the SIT. On the basis of it, police has started the raids to arrest other gang members of Pinku, Vikash Kumar, Sixer Kumar and others who also involved in the killing episode of the 4 youths.

“The two important developments only could happened due to the recent action taken by DIG, Bhagalpur. Earlier in many occasion police only with frim actions, managed to eliminated many terrors like Tutli Singh in the areas. But in maximum cases, the ineffective policing help for the moral boost up of the criminals here. Sensational brutal murder of Silchar (Assam) boy, Pritam Bhattacharya after kidnapping from a Delhi bound train at Naugachia station on 2014 was one of such classic example of police inactivity was one of the biggest failure of Naugachia police,” said observers at Naugachia.

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