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Baba Bhagalpur busy with his astrology practices.

Where science fails, Baba Bhagalpur could explain with astrological calculations !


July 29th, 2017

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He is the man in saffron dress who has been predicting on  different topics right from politics to cricket since long and the results make people surprised to find the accuracy in his forecasting!

While entering in a small chamber in a small flat at Bank colony in Adampur locality in this city, anyone could  certainly gets impressed. A computer desktop and different Hindu deities mostly Goddess like Kali, Baglamukhi, Maa Kamakshya ,all symbolized ‘Shakti’ and ‘Tantric activities’ , in the room and Baba could be found either in meditation or busy in computer for astrological calculations. His family, including two small daughters, one son and wife however lead normal life inside the flat.

Baba Bhagalpur before his deity.


Baba Bhagalpur, a Maithil Brahmin from Kosi region, migrated to Bhagalpur 1999, has been practicing astrology effortlessly. He has many ‘clients’ in the country, mostly high ranking bureaucrats, businessmen, media persons, politicians and many more.

The old proverb “there is something which could not be explained by our own thoughts and imaginations”, rightly fits for Daivay R K Choudhary (40) popularly known as Baba Bhagalpur. Many think that he is master in calculating astrological mathematics and the positions planets while some others claimed that he must have some supernatural powers by dint of his ‘Sadhna’.

Baba Bhagalpur in August 2016 predicted the turmoil in Bihar power corridor.  “Mars and Justice of planets- Saturn is present in Scorpio, this is the is indication of political disturbance in Bihar….” he forecasted with a dateline from March –October 2017. “In astrological calculation if there is even a friction of error, the result (timing) might not be accurate,” he clarified when asked why didn’t he give the exact time for breaking of Mahagathbandan government.

Face book post in which Baba Bhagalpur predicted about change in Bihar’s political scenario.

Earlier in 2003, he predicted that Mayawati government would be replaced by Mulayam Singh Yadav. He is the man who on June 16, 2016 predicted Harish Rawat will pass the floor test and will be the chief minister of  Uttarkhand, on May 15, 2016 that Anandi Ben will be replaced in Gujrat,   on June 21, 2016 that in IPL-T-20 cricket match , Sunrise, Hyderabad will win the final match and many such predictions which always proved correct.

Baba Bhagalpur predicted the possible change in Jharkhand government.



He recently on July 26 claimed that the chief minister of Jharkhand, Raghuvar Das would be replaced at any time in coming days. When asked how he makes such predictions, he said the positions of planets, daily position of planets besides the ‘ Janam Kundali’ (configuration of planets on any individual at the time of his/her birth) helped calculating the mathematics of predication of the future. Final mathematical calculations helps to know the possible positions of planets and there are some basic characteristic of each planet which helps to predict, he said. “Besides, the mathematical calculations, I have to apply my experiences which I got my heard  labours in different spiritual activities including Tantrism,” Baba Bhagalpur explained.

According to him, he follows Parasar Sanhita, Bhrigu Sanhita and Ravan Sanhita, the basic concepts in calculating astrologic mathematics. “There are certain principles in astrology, if you like to calculate what would happen with say X time, you would have first find out ‘Antadasha and Mahadasha’ besides daily position of planets of that very individual on his/her ‘Janam Kundali,” he explained.

“Earlier I was busy in Kali Sadhna (practice and rituals for pleasing deity Goddess Kali to have some spiritual powers) but now I am busy in Sri Bidhya Sadhna for acquiring some more power,” he said. He gave some examples, as someone wants to know about his/her career, Baba Bhagalpur could easily predict. “Look earlier as per the old calculations, it was only mention about science and at that time there was no branches of applied science. But there are many branches in science today. In such cases beside calculating, I apply my own powers (which I received from my Sadhna) to forecast with accuracy,” he pointed out.

Not only political predictions, Baba Bhagalpur also helped many patients, people facing legal battle, jobless people for employment and many things related to plights and miseries in daily routine life. “He has the power, in my bad days he helped me lot, his suggestions helped me to come out the crisis,” said a reputed media man from New Delhi.

“My husband lost his job, my sons were derailed from education but when I approached Baba Bhagalpur, he helped me lots. And today everything is normal,” recalled Sunita Devi a homemaker at Tilkamanjhi locality.

“Astrology is like science, there are calculations and the positions of planets play very important role on human beings,” he strongly underlines while asked about any miracles or magic shows. “We all are guided by the planets and their positions regulate our life styles. Besides, Karma (work) also pays, good Karma influences the planets also,” he added further while citing many examples.

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