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Bank of Baroda at Bhagalpur.

Bank management ready to help CBI to identify bankers involved in Srijan scam


February 3rd, 2018

Our Bureau/

Banks which earlier had blamed the agencies proving Srijan scam for unnecessary involved the banks in the alleged fraudulent of government’s funds, now started claiming down !

For the first time after expose of  Srijan scam, managing director-cum-CEO, bank of Baroda, P S Jaikumar has reportedly assured CBI investigating the scam to disclosed the names of bankers who were involved in the scam just after completing internal investigations which presently going by bank’s high level team. Bank of Baroda has said to be taken the step as apart of damage control exercise as the Srijan scam has left an adverse impact on it. The bank’s management also instructs its employees particularly at Bhagalpur to focus more on customer care so that the bank could restore its image among the public.

With the instruction of Jaikumar, general investigation team (GIT), consists of four members from the corporate office of the bank, Mumbai arrived Bhagalpur and started its works at the branch of the bank located near Ghantaghar chak here. The team reportedly put all the mobiles numbers of the staffs of the branch in surveillance so that the alleged nexus with some of the staffs with Srijan people could be verified.

The team members remained tightlipped as they were instructed not to open their mouths before media and also not to share any single event about Srijan related matter on social media. After Srijan scam was exposed, the baranch of bank of Baroda was highlighted in media so the bankers also asked not to open their mouth before media.

A team member of GIT said that they are not entitled to talk with media, a AGM rank bank’s official only could brief the media about Srijan related issues. But regular bank’s activity, customer problem etc could be discuss at local level here only.

The GIT team reportedly asked the bankers of local branch of bank of Baroda encourage social activities so that a positive image of the bank could be exposed among public minds.

CBI team which investigating the Srijan scam here asked all the banks to furnished details like the official e-mail address, branch head’s e-mail and phone numbers within 24 hours. CBI has asked all the concerned banks which are under its radar for Srijan links, to give the detail required items through lead bank manager’s office.

A senior official at a local bank here said that for the last 3-4 months CBI’s camp office frequently summoned bank officials with documents. “Many branch heads of the banks here had to rush almost daily with documents to the CBI’s camp office. This created a serious problem in banking in the braches which otherwise man power crisis. Such frequent movements of the bankers ultimately effected banking and general customers had to face problems. So the banks complained CBI’s higher officers and requested them not to summon any banker for any documents,” the officer said.

“We requested not call us rather if required any documents, intimidated us and we will send it on mails which save the loss of our time,” he added further.

The source said that with the direction of higher officers, CBI team here asked the concerned banks to give details of e-mail address for smooth investigation. “We are not at all want that our valuable customers get effected during banking hours mainly due to absent of bank employees who have summoned frequently by CBI. Their frequent visit to CBI’s camp office at Sabour, has hampered banks works,” the officer added further.

“If the top management is ready to disclose the lapses by the parts of its employees, the bank would have to repay the amount which earlier embezzled by Srijan people,” said Sanjeet Kumar, an expert in financial affairs here.

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