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A bird's eye view of Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour.

British gifted agriculture college ; after 102 year, sons of the soil upgrades it to a reputed varsity, now focus on women empowerment


August 5th, 2017

Our Bureau/

Prem Kumar, newly appointed minister of agriculture, Bihar today revealed that the third roadmap of agriculture developed for the state is in progress and it would  be implemented soon.

Kumar was addressing a function at the campus of Bihar Agricultural University (BAU), Sabour on its eight foundation day today. He congratulated the University on being accredited by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) along with ISO certification. He stressed on the schemes of both the central and state government for the empowerment of women and girl child.

State agricultural minister presenting award for women entrepreneur in agriculture.


The eighth foundation day of BAU, Sabour along with a workshop on women empowerment was inaugurated by the chief guest, Manju Verma, minister, social welfare, Bihar earlier.  In her presidential address, Smt. Verma explained the need of women empowerment of all fronts along with agriculture. She emphasized that holistic development is possible only when women are given appropriate place in the society. She informed that the government has launched several schemes along with reservations for women so as to improve their status in the society.

Sri Sudhir Kumar, principal secretary, department of agriculture, Bihar expressed satisfaction on the works done by the farmers of the state which has resulted in being awarded with Krishi Karman Award thrice for the state. He informed that the facility of phytotron has been approved. Phytotron is an advanced research greenhouse used for studying interactions between plants and the environment. It is an advanced facility where a number of Growth Chambers and Greenhouses are organized in such a way that different environmental factors can be simulated for research studies simultaneously. He also remarked on the excellent facilities available in the agriculture college at Kishanganj which deserves the status of a full-fledged University in the recent years. Also, he informed that the projects on climate change have been granted over 20 crores of funding for the state. He also informed on reservation for the students pursuing Intermediate in Agriculture course in the state.

Minister of social welfare and agriculture shares the dais at BAU, Sabour.


Dr. Jitender Kistwaria, Central Institute for Women in Agriculture, Bhubaneshwar, expressed concern on nutritional requirement for the women. Fragmentation of land is also a pressing issue in which data suggests that only 2% women have land ownership in the country. The modern technologies in agriculture should also reach the women so that holistic opportunities for development is made available to the farmers.

Dr. Rameswar Singh, vice chancellor, Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna expressed concern on less women being trained on agricultural aspects. Also, the women are generally paid only 1/3rd of what men are paid for the same agricultural labour. He expected that such disparities will soon be removed from the social system so that women get the right share in the social system.

The function was chaired by Dr. A.K Singh, vice chancellor, BAU, Sabour.

Dr. Singh, in his keynote address informed the house that the ratio of boys to girl in the colleges is equalizing in the recent years. Also, he informed that the seed production of the varieties developed by the University is in progress and it will be quite popular among the farmers in the coming years. The University have been granted AICRP projects on Palymra Palm and Micro-nutrient along with experiential learning facilities. The university has also implemented training in 17 subject domains under Agricultural Skills Council of India (ASCI). The University has been provided facilities of farm machinery testing for the state. The university has received award for best rice center under AICRP in the country along with best KVK award.

A souvenir was also released today at BAU, Sabour to mark the foundation day function.

Dr. R.K Sohane, Director Extension Education, BAU, Sabour and the chairman of the workshop delivered the welcome address. He deliberated on the achievements made by the university in the short span of 8 years in the field of teaching, research, extension and training fronts.

Earlier, the achievements of the University were played through a video “Safarnama”. Also, several publications of the University were released on the occasion like Souvenir and book of abstracts, success stories on women empowerment, achievement of University, Calendar of University, practical manual on various subjects and technical videos on pineapple and sunflower. The women farmers with outstanding work in the tribal areas were also awarded on the occasion. The advertisement on neera and diesel subsidy were also released on the occasion. A 21 days ICAR sponsored summer school on entrepreneurship development among the rural youth was also inaugurated on the occasion in which 25 scientists from different states of the country are participating.

It’s worth mentioning here that this varsity earlier on August 17, 1908 was established as Agricultural College by the than Lt. governor, Bengal, Sir Andrew Hederlas Leith Fraser which subsequently upgraded as University by Nitish Kumar, chief minister, Bihar after one hundred two year on August 5, 2010.

The main building of the than college was completed on 1910 on 220 hector lands once belonged to than Jamindar of Sabour, Hiraman Choudhary. A S Dopes was the first principal upto 1911. A special fellowship, “Bud memorial fund” for research in botanical or horticulture were provided in the name of another principal of this college, Mr E J Budhouse. On 1945, J S Patel was the first Indian principal of this college.

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