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Bihar regions reel under heat wave, scientists express concern


April 27th, 2017

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Global warming has its impact this time as with the onset of summer, mercury has started rising above  40°C. Ecological imbalance mainly due to human interferences in large scale of deforestation, rising pollution along with atomic explosion are some of the reasons which the scientists blamed for such condition.

Bhagalpur along most other parts of Bihar and its neighbouring Jharkhand is all set to witness scorching temperatures in the coming few days, according to the prediction by the  Met department.

In the first half’s of April, Bhagalpur and its surrounding parts witnessed  maximum temperature in between 31 and 38°C but all of sudden  it crossed the 40°C mark on April 25 and remained above 40°C on today besides, Loo (heat-wave) has also started this time.


Met departmnet, Patna, has predicted that the temperature would continue to maintain the rising trend for a few more days and around April 29, Bhagalpur and other parts of Bihar may face strong  loo conditions.

The Loo condition is said to be prevailing when the temperature remains above 40°C and is more than 4.5°C above normal. In case the departure is 7°C or more from the normal of a place, a severe Loo condition is said to be prevailing.

Reasons for the rising mercury,  as per the the Met department sources, earlier a trough line which had an embedded low-pressure area was dominating the weather conditions due to which the easterly was the prevalent wind.

Since the trough line has shifted to south of Bihar  now and dry and hot westerly is blowing leading to rise in temperature and decrease in humidity, the source pointed out.


Scientists however blamed undisrupted human interferences to the Nature which ultimately resultant adverse for the living beings on this earth. They blamed atomic reactors and other experiments along with chopping of trees and forest covers in a large scale for rising of such ecological imbalance gradually.

The heat wave condition and the maximum rise of temperature also has its worst impact on normal life here. “I am much concerned about my little daughter, she goes to her school early morning but returns in afternoon under scorching Sun, the administration should close school for sake of the children,” said Susmita, a homemaker at Bhagalpur.



A doctor at JLNMC hospital at Bhagalpur said that the numbers of heat stroke patients are gradually increasing at the hospital. Santosh Bhowmik, a private doctor said that all the precautionary measures should be taken to avoid the Sun and the Loo. He said parents should be very careful about the small children and should also manage to restrict their movements under the Sun in afternoons. Consuming sufficient liquids like water, fruit juice etc is very essential for avoiding the Loo as well as also for avoiding dehydrations.

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