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Mona Das

Bihar’s daughter Mona hoists abroad, a US Senate member


January 14th, 2019

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Makar Sankranti  has this time added an additional flavor for the people of a remote Maoists ravaged Dariapur village, a daughter from this village today has taken oath as a Senate member at US.

It’s matter of proud for the residents of Dariapur village under Maoists infected Haveli Kharaghpur sub-division in Munger district in Bihar. The daughter of the village, Mona Das was elected a member of the Senate from Democratic party in US. She stood for election for the first time.

In USA’s politics, she found politic at the helm of the public. Mona is now a US citizen, but yet not lost her connections with Munger district’s Naxal affected Haveli Kharagpur subdivision. She has taken oath of Senate member of Olympia on today, when her native place celebrating Makar Sankranti.

Mona Das at US.

Mona Das is the granddaughter of former civil surgeon Dr. Girishwar Narayan Das of Munger. Late Dr Das was also famous for his social works, he contributed lots for Dariapur during his life time.

Mona Das’s  father is employed as an engineer in the California city of America. Mona’s father, Subodh Das still has link with the native village despite of staying in the US for many years. As the senator of Mona Das, there is a wave of happiness in Kharagpur and surrounding areas as well as the village. “Mona has illuminated the name of her small village all over the world. All us have dreamed of her coming to the village soon,” villagers at Dariapur said.

Mona was born in 1971 , her parents and uncle have all settled in America. They already have  US citizenship. Mona also was married in the US and settled down in there. Mona took a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Cincinnati, USA followed by a master’s degree in management from Pinjore University. But because of her interest in public service, she started paying attention to politics more than management. The result is that Mona Das has now become a senator in the USA.

“A daughter from Bihar’s Munger district has enhanced the honor of the whole country along with her village while waving a great success abroad. We are praying for her success for her new assignment,” Paro Das, a resident in the village said.

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