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Srijan aftermath : students from weaker community deprive off free coaching as scam ravaged welfare department cuts funding


November 17th, 2017

Bureau Report/

Not only embezzlements of millions of government money but Srijan also robbed off state government’s much ambitious  remedial coaching in varsity level for the weaker community students also here at Bhagalpur.

Students of Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University (TMBU) who also hailing from ST/SC categories have stopped to visit remedial coaching center in the varsity campus. The center run by the varsity and welfare department of Bihar government jointly closed down with expose of Srijan scam and also for huge embezzlement of government funds at district welfare department here.

Aftermath of Srijan scam directly hamper the prospective of the ST/SC students who otherwise don’t have the opportunity to avail other coaching for facing different comparative exams. The scam has stopped the enrollments of students as well as private teaches as the center is run by welfare department. The scam already damaged the local welfare department at its bottom stone, stopped funding the center. The enrollment of fresher students which gradually started in August every year, yet not started.

On 1986, the center come up with a novel way to help poor students from ST/SC communities so that they could prepare for the different comparative exams in free of cost. Apart from Bhagalpur, two such centers were established both at Patna and Dwarbhanga with an aim to prepare the students for all major comparative examinations at that time. But for the last two years the center has been started running in all the seven Universities of Bihar.

Maximum students in the center which was started with 60 seats here, prefers to go for Bihar public service commission (BPSE) examinations. Besides, coaching for banks and railways always conducted here.

Classes are taken here by the teachers from the varsity and each teachers have to take the classes 2 days in a week for which Rs 300 is paid as remuneration for a class. But for preparing the students for comparative, teachers from private coaching institutions were called. “But this year due to Srijan scam and subsequently defunct of district welfare department, the flow of funds was stopped resulting defunct of the center,” said an employee in the center.

Director of the center, Upendra Sha said that despite all the adverse situations, students were motivated to join the center. He admitted that due to stop of funds from district welfare department, it is immense difficult to run the center.

Students completing 75 attendances in the center are entitled to get scholarship of Rs 1500 each (for local) and Rs 3000 for outsiders. Besides, the center has to pay hefty amounts to teachers from outside. But the stop of government aids disrupted the smooth functioning of the center, sources from the center admitted.

“First it was the failure of the government to notice the scam which had been continuing over a decade. And now government’s indifferent attitude towards us clearly reflects as it yet not took any step so that we could enjoy free coaching here,” said many students who presently being deprived off the facility of free coaching.

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