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Confusion rules the roost as CBI gears up to file charge sheet against Srijan’s scam stars


November 3rd, 2017

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CBI has started preparation in war footing to submit charge sheet against the accused persons in Srijan related scam case, created havoc among many here.

Director, CBI is scheduled to visit Bhagalpur soon in this regard.

A high level sources said that during the recent investigation, CBI yet not found any substantial evidences against some of the accused who earlier were booked by SIT in September last. Not only that, confusion looms large in CBI’s camp at New Delhi as because the investigating agency yet not able to fix the quantum of charges against many  suspected persons who were in SIT’s radar earlier in connection with Srijan scam.

The sources pointed out that 17 accused including two ladies who are presently locked inside Jubba Sahani central jail, Bhagalpur were earlier arrested by SIT in September last. “CBI has to preparer charge sheet against them anyhow within 90 days from their arresting, ie the charge sheet would have to be filled within third week of November 2017 at CBI’s designated court, Patna,” the sources pointed out. It further said that the investigation conducted by the CBI yet not completed and hence the investigating agency yet to substantiate evidences against some of the accused persons earlier arrested by the SIT.

Sanjoy Modi, a lawyer at Bhagalpur alleged that SIT had conducted the investigation in a different pattern. “Police investigated the multi cores embezzlement of government funds like murder or theft cases and made accused persons very easily. Interestingly, CBI till date investigate the scam on the basis of the same FIR earlier conducted by SIT through the FIRs had been notified for taken over by CBI. But since CBI fully depends on the FIRs, it yet not came to any conclusion. So many accused in the case could enjoy the benefit of doubts in upper courts,” he claimed.

Citing one example, Modi said that SIT earlier arrested one Binod Kumar, a driver of a bank employee, Ajay Pandey of Indian bank, Bhagalpur. Pandey is presently locked inside the jail in connection with Srijan scam.  SIT arrested his driver on the charge that he used to take cheques from Manorama Devi and after depositing it to the bank, he used to carry money for Manorama Devi from the bank. “Taking currency or carry it is not an offence first. Secondly, was Binod aware about the well calculated games of embezzlement of government money by his employer ? When DM, Bhagalpur to CM, Bihar including the state finance department didn’t have any idea about the mal practices of Srijan how a lowgrade driver could be a part of conspirator? He was a driver and had to obey his master. Binod only use to carry cheques or money from one place to other by the order of his master. So which type of crime was committed by him?,” asked Modi.

A top ranking police officer on condition of anonymity also raised his doubt over such cases where CBI would have to work hard for its stand. “The basic thing is that CBI does not initiate special investigation and is fully depends on the FIRs which earlier registered by SIT. In such cases, persons like Binod driver would procure easy bail and the fate of his case could be very weak,” the cop said.

Meanwhile, giving the final touch to the charge sheets, CBI headquarter has started hectic home works. Ram Ekbal Yadav, an inspector rank officer posted at Ishakchawk PS at Bhagalpur who earlier was made the investigating officer (IO) by the SIT in Srijan case, has reached  Delhi as he was summoned by CBI headquarters. A top ranking source has confirmed that besides 17 accused, CBI would fill charge sheet against some IAS officers, politicians, business men and others for their involvements in  Srijan scam. Many of them already interrogated by the CBI officials here and also at New Delhi.

“Many more arresting could be possible with the charge sheet here particularly for those who had their nexus with Srijan and CBI already investigated in this direction to confirm such cases also,” said a top ranking cop here.

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