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Cops at Kadwa PS with injured Garuda.

Cops join hands for protecting rare birds


February 19th, 2019

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Police is for helping the needy persons in trouble but the men in uniform in Naugachia police district also taking care for the animals and birds especially for the rare endangered species of Greater Adjutant, popularly known as Garuda.

Recently villagers noticed an injured Garuda at the vicinity of Kadwa village, since they have no option for giving treatment to the injured bird, they immediately rushed to nearby Kadwa additional PS with the bird and handed it to the cops there. Cops at the PS taking quick and prompt action, sent the injured bird to Garuda rescue and rehabilitation center, known as Garuda hospital at Sundarvan forest office across river Ganga in Bhagalpur city with proper care.

“Not only police but this is the duty of every citizen to protect their precious wildlife”, pointed out B K Roy, the SHO of Kadwa PS. Roy said how he managed to first informed persons concerned and then sent the injured bird for treatment to Bhagalpur.

A Garuda is roaming at Kadwa village.

“For the first time police has shown such exemplary activeness for an injured Garuda. People in this areas who earlier didn’t have any idea about the significance of the bird, already have started conservation measures for the  birds in the areas,” pointed out  Arvind Mishra, a bird expert –cum- environmental activist  who transformed another Indian community’s disgust for the huge storks into a strong desire to preserve them. With villages’ community’s help, he has established a rescue and rehabilitation center devoted exclusively to the care of downed Greater Adjutant chicks and also injured or sick Garuda.

After Cambodia, the Assam and the parts of Kosi diara falling in Bhagalpur district has been emerged as the ideal breeding grounds for Greater Adjutant. Mishar with the members of Mandar Nature Club (MNC) a Bhagalpur based body to fight for the cause of birds, animals and environment has been effortlessly working for the conservation of Garuda after the nests of the bird witnessed at Kadwa diara some 6-7 year ago.

Arvind Mishra, a pioneer in bird conservation in Bhagalpur.

Mishra and his MNC also put crusade against bird hauntings which were rampant earlier in Ganga and Kosi basin areas where folks of migratory birds arrive onset of winter. He also motivated local people and

even managed to switched over many traditional “Mirshikaris” (bird catchers) to other profession. Villagers at Kadwa and other remote hinterlands in Kosi basin not only take part in awareness campaigning to conserve birds like Garuda but also remain watchful. “We have been taught how to handle situations for saving the life of a Garuda preliminary. We already saved many birds’ lives and now remain vigilant in the areas to protect the birds,” said Dima Yadav, a native of Kadwa diara.

Not only that, the forest department established the Garuda hospital, unique in its kind in the country where injured birds are provided treatments. Mishra and his MNC had played an important role for opening of the hospital, confirmed top ranking forest personnel at Bhagalpur.

“It’s very amazing that villagers have started protecting birds and the police too motivated for the cause at Bhagalpur,” said Gopal Sharma, a Nature lover here.

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