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Corona havoc !

What’s your plan & programme after April 14, (if everything would be normal)……..?


April 4th, 2020

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“So what’s your planning after April 14 if everything would be fine and the Corona ghost will disappear?”  asks one gentleman to his friend on messenger box.

“Look if we would able to overcome this horrible situation  and would survive, we would have to change many things, basically our daily routine, our attitude and many things in our daily life. See this present crisis has warned us, makes us cautious about many thing,” the friend replies promptly.

These types of conversations now become common everywhere and people have started thinking about the vagaries of Nature and also about its superiority! Many have started the preparation of new life style –‘simple living & …..’ and a section of people has concentrated how to become Nature friendly.

Outbreak of Corona really has helped the world to remember some basic laws of Nature which we have forgotten.

Nature is the great experimenter. It discards the species that is not supporting the whole. And it has continuously experimented over millions of years, it has discarded the dinosaurs, it has probably discarded many species like saber tooth tigers, Ramapithecus  or Neanderthals.

A few of the species survived for 2000 years, a few of them has survived for 10 to 20 million year, as we have the information. But one could ask a very prominent question like –“ how sure  are we   about the success of our species ie, the success of this human species. Are you all sure we are going to survive forever.

Well, if you have to survive forever, that menace you need to be beneficial for the whole. If you are not going to be beneficial  for the whole what would Nature do? It will discard us.

Now the question arises, are we being beneficial to the whole ? If you probably have to have a conversation with the planet earth what do you  think, planet will tell us very unhappy. We are probably more damaging than many old virus like small pox which doesn’t exist now.

Off course, we are more damaging , we are causing  greater calamity. We are being cruel to this planet of ours. If you look at the other species, every other species kills somebody else or kills another species only for its own survival only when it is threatened or when it is very hungry. But we as a human species, have not evolved but we as a species kill another species not for our own survival but to prove our superiority over the others. Or to prove our dominance over this entire planet or sometimes even for pleasure.

There is a huge noice outside   in this world about the Corona virus. What if this Corona virus is the naturer’s way of eliminating the human virus. There isa huge possibility right!

We are not being beneficial to the whole. If we are not being beneficial to the whole we have seen again and again that Nature discard us.

In the current situation China is not the problem, the Chinse people are not the problem. Than what is the problem? The problem is our own consciousness. We are living and experiencing life in separation. We are living and experiencing  life as though we are separate from everybody around us and this separation driven consciousness has its own repercussion and we see it in the world. We see it in the world as cancer, we see it in the world as disaster, natural calamity or as the corona virus. It is the time to awaken now, we can’t continue living our life from a disconnected state of consciousness.

The more disconnection that we experience more chaotic would be the world around us. If we are truly looking for a more peaceful world, if we truly looking for a more joyful would, if we intend to create a beautiful world for our children, for our next generations, than the transformation has to happen.

Now and here it is aready too late !

(curtsy : from the f/b post of j p gupta)

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