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The statue of Babu Deep Narayan Singh at Ghanta Ghar, Bhagalpur.

How long Babu Deep Narayan, the charismatic character in India’s freedom struggle would have to live in oblivion?


January 26th, 2020

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If the fertility of the soil of Anga Pradesh once had the privilege to create many starts than why such precious starts  lost its orbits and subsequently disappeared forever, this question often haunts many minds.

Former Depty Mayor, Bhagalpur, Preety Shekhar addressing the birth annivarsary function of Deep Narayan.

Intellectuals from different walks of lives today gathered here at Ghanta Ghar in the heart of Bhagalpur city for celebrating 145th birth anniversary of such a forgotten social freedom fighter turned social reformist, Babu Deep Narayan Singh.

Hailing from an affluent family background and highly educated (Barrister), Deep Narayan toured all over the world and his friend, Sacchidanand Sinha (the pioneer of separate Bihar from Bengal province) in his book “Some eminent Bihar contemporizes” sketched Deep Narayan personality as a true wise knowledgeable person than most of his contemporary Indian citizens. Deep Narayan was a few Indian at that time whose dresses prepared at Europe and lived a lavished life

But with the influence of Sacchindanand and Mahatma Gandhi Deep Narayan jumped into the freedom movement with his learned wife, Lila Singh. He set an example of true leader who virtually sacrificed his huge property for social reforms.  He and his father, Babu Tej Narayan Singh  considered to be the pioneer of higher education from Bhagalpur. One of the prestigious college of eastern India, T N B college, T NB collegiate school, Lila-Deep Narayan Singh ITI, Bhagalpur along with Ramanandi orphanage at Nathnagar was some of the examples of  Deep Narayan’s social works. He  and his father Babu Tej Narayan Singh gifted the philanthropical institutions from their own property and funded by them. Deep Narayan never allowed any British as a teacher in his school and college. He trusted native Indian to teach the students despite the facts that most of such schools and colleges had good English men teachers.

Participants at the function.

“Deep Narayan was also chaired the president  of Bihar Congress committee and Mahatma Gandhi during his visits to Bhagalpur used to stay at his house but it’s very unfortunate that very few people could remember him today,” said Janardan Prasad Singh, an old journalist who fights for converting the residence of Deep Narayan into a museum. The historical house to is the official resident of district and session judge, Bhagalpur.

Singh was addressing an impressive gathering here today at Ghanta Ghar, the historical monument at the heart of the ancient silk city Bhagalpur.  Deep Yuba Shakti, a social organization fights for the cause of projecting this forgotten hero, organized a clourful function today to mark the occasion. People of Bhagalpur paid rich tribute the forgotten hero of freedom movement on his birth anniversary today.

Representatives from different social organizations and intellectuals today urged for converting the official resident of district and session judge, Bhagalpur into a museum in the memory of noted Indian freedom fighter, Babu Deep Narayan Singh.

“See how the great places like Vikramshila Buddha Mahavihar or great personality like Deep Narayan has been forgotten. How our next generation would aware of our heritages and people?” asked Kamal Jaisawala, the convener of Deep Yuba Sakti. He appealed to the people to come forward for establishing a museum at the resident of Deep Narayan which today transformed into the official resident of district and session judge.

Bishwar Arya, a noted journalist who presided over the function termed it as a misfortune and blamed the government for neglecting Anga Pradesh. He appealed the youngsters to come forward for protecting the identities related to the soil of Anga Pradesh.

Kamal Jaisawala addressing the function.

Raman Sinha, a senior faculty at Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University (TMBU) underlined how Deep Narayan successfully managed to give a positive leadership to the freedom movement while considering the socio-economic consequences. “It’s really an instant, such powerful character like Deep Narayan was really exceptional,” he claimed.

Many eminent speakers like Mayor, Bhagalpur Seema Sha, Shiv Shanker Parijat, Rajivkant Mishra, Arjit Shaswat, Preety Shekhar, Prakah Chandra Gupta along with many also strengthened the need of projecting  Deep Narayan’s multifarious character. They also urged for a museum at Bhagalpur as the part of best tribute to this charismatic figure of Anga Pradesh.

It pertinent to note here that for the first time Brajesh Verma, for the first time in seventies completed his PhD on Deep Narayan. Recently Verma ( a journalist with The Hindusthan Times) Published a book “Prathan Bihari Deep Narayan Singh” (First Behari Deep Narayan Singh) in Hindi in which he elaborately depicted the great Indian freedom fighter and different important contemporary events of that time. Veram, a native of Bhagalpur wrote the book with research and interview many persons including the only daughter of Deep Narayan, Late Prabhabati Devi.

Verma’s book on Deep Narayan.

“Many contemporary leaders of Bihar  Dr Rajendra Prasad etc was highlighted but Deep Narayan became the victim of neglect and apathy despite the fact that Deep Narayan has versatile character. There should be his  memorial at Bhagalpur and people of Bhagalpur should fight for it,” demanded Verma.

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