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Remaining of old monastery at Lakhisarai.

Public demand : Don’t make Lakhisarai like Vikramshila ; let it be included in Buddha Circuit immediately!


February 27th, 2018

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After excavation and subsequently recovery of  huge archaeological  proofs of memories of Gautama Buddha’s  and evidences of  Pala dynasty at some places in Lakhisarai have prompted  residents to rise demands for including Lakhisarai in Buddha circuit either via Nalanda or through Bodh Gaya.

However, it is prominent to note here that the long awaited demand to include Vikramshila in Bhagalpur, the most important chapter in today’s Buddhism in the world, with Buddha Circuit has been ignored mainly due to the indifferent attitude of Nitish government in Bihar.

Findings of huge evidences either on the contemporary matter related of Gautam Buddha who spent ‘Varshbash’ at Lakhissarai and the remaining of Pala dynasty (having its administrative headquarters here) has prompted the people different walks of lives including the agencies assigned for the excavation to raise the demand of tagging Lakhisarai with Buddha circuit.

Prof. Anil (in black jacket) at Lalipahari site celebrating the successful excavation.

Prof. Anil, HOD, department of archeological, Visa-Bharati, who is leading the excavation team at Lalipahari, Jainagar in Lakhisarai township quite hopeful for changing the fate of the entire areas while attaching Lakhisarai in Buddha Circuit. “ Earlier several times I requested Nitish Kumar not to be specific on Lakhisarai only rather to connect Vikramshila in Buddha Circuit, places like Lakhisarai and Sultanganj would automatically would connect in it,” he told today.

Extracting the logic form the ideas of noted historian, Dr R C Prasad Singh who was the part of excavation at Vikramshila in early stage by Patna University team in sixties and also from the articles published in Journal of the Bihar Research society Vol XLVI on 1960, Prof. Anil has strengthened the need of immediate attachment of Vikramshila in Buddha Circuit. Son of Dr R C Prasad Singh, Prof Anil underlined the importance of tagging the places like Vikramshila, Sultanganj and Lakhisarai in Buddha Circuit.

Nitish Kumar inspecting Lakhisarai ‘s excavation site during his visit. 

“Lakhisarai certainly not known for todays’ excavation, noted historians and archaeologists have been pointing out Lakhisarai’s archeological importance for not less than last 100 years. Now with the excavations here, things became crystal clear,” he pointed out grounds for connecting the place with Buddha circuit is how relevant.

Gautami Bhattacharya, deputy superintending archaeologist of ASI excavation branch-III, Patna circle who has been supervising the on going excavation works at Uren bock in Lakhisarai was very much confident in the archaeological  potentialities in the district. She too expressed her desire for connecting the district with Buddha Circuit.

Discovery of a sculpture of dated back Pala period at Lakhisarai.

Apart from Lalipahari Jainagar and Uren there are other proposed sites at Lakhisarai like Ghosikundi hills, Bicway hills, Balgudar, Nonghar, Layghar are some other places where excavating will start soon. Lakihisarai is located some 151 from Vikramshila while 100 km from Nalanda and 165 km from Bodh Gaya.

District magistrate, Lakhisarai, Amit Kumar though was not available but sources from his office said that the district administration has geared up for making a blue print for attaching Lakhisarai in Buddha Circuit. “We are compiling the reports and the ongoing excavations are very fruitful for the report by which we would claim for our demand of attaching the district in Buddha Circuit. The state government is very serious in this direction,” said the source.

Bijay Choudhary, president of Bihar Virasat Vikash Samity (BVVS), the body which jointly ventures with Visa-Bharati University for excavation at Lalipaharai Jainagar, also strengthened the need of attaching Lakhisarai in Buddha Circuit. “ We are exclusively for exposing the hidden treasures below the earth at Lakhisarai and subsequently conservation of the edifices here while attachment to Buddha Circuit is the exclusive affair of state tourism department. However state government is serious on this issue,” he told.

Buddha replica discovered at Lakhisarai excavation.

Superintending archaeologist of ASI, Patna circle, D N Sinha, he told that ethically the ASI has no role in the recommendation of attaching  Lakhisarai with Buddha Circuit since the subject is exclusively for the tourism department.

Deputy inspector of police, Bhagalpur range, Vikash Vaibhav who presently holding additional charge of Munger police range and a history lover, also echoed for tagging Lakhisarai and Vikramshila in Buddha Circuit. “Otherwise the fate of  sleepy and Maoists infected Lakhisarai could be changed with tagging it in Buddha Circuit. Not only boosting of tourism but internationally the place would  be acclaimed,” the senior cop claimed.

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