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Collectoriate- epicenter for manipulating Srijan scam ?

Transferring crores of rupees to Srijan make public welfare projects’ defunct ; how could a DM deny responsibility?


September 1st, 2017

Our Economic Bureau/

Several FIRs were instituted against Srijan scam with the instructions of officials concerned but managed to left many spaces to omit their mistakes !

A high amount of government money was paid against  power bill and the payment took over three years when state government had arranged money to Bhagalpur district administration. How an official like district magistrate could escape responsibility for the delay when money was available ?

The FIRs which were registered with different police stations related to Srijan scam, now under the preview of CBI , likely to expose what games were actually played by Srijan NGO while taking the officials concerned in its fold.

The observers pointed out some “omission” of facts particularly in the monetary transactions in the seized banks accounts of Srijan NGO in the reports of the concerned probe team of Bhagalpur district administration. Earlier before exposing the entire rackets played by Srijan NGO, local administration had conducted enquires in different departments, particularly on financial transactions of government funds. On the basis of the reports of the enquiry teams, the FIRs have started register with PSs from August 8 last.

Before taking over the cases related to Srijan scam, CBI had to notify the FIR as per the norms. But the experts concerned pointed out several ‘irregularities’ and ‘over viewing’ important facts in the FIRs earlier instituted by the local administration.  “Many loopholes easily could be detected in such banks accounts which could give to many leads in the concerned cases. But unfortunately, such errors are overviewed which would suppress many facts during the course of investigations also,” they alleged.

Pointing out such one ignorance  by the enquiry team, the experts concerned pointed out some interesting points in transactions in one bank account of district magistrate, Bhagalpur (S/B account -10010100012588) with bank of Boroda, Bhagalpur  have been omitted.

Late Monorama Devi- main mastermind behind Srijan Scam.


As per the observers, earlier district magistrate, Adesh Titar Mare ordered for investigating the financial irregularities and Jitendar Singh, district land acquisition department  conducted an enquiry with two other staffs. On the Basis of the report, the FIR in Srijan case was instituted with Tilka Manjhi PS ( 505/17) on August 10 last. In the FIR three bank accounts of the district magistrate, Bhagalpur (two with bank of Boroad and one with Indian bank, Bhagalpur) was produced as annexes in the FIR. Besides the cash book of Nazarat was also enclosed for reference.

From the said bank account of district magistrate, Bhagalpur (S/B account -10010100012588) with bank of Boroda, Bhagalpur, an amount of  Rs 98,81,828  through a  cheque (No 52251)  was deposited on May 23, 2014 which was credited on June 6, 2014 in that account. The amount (Rs 98,81,828) was given to South Bihar Power Distributor Company Ltd on March 27, 2017 by a cheque (No 551749). Now it is apparently clear that the  amount (Rs 98,81,828) was allotted from the government of Bihar for South Bihar Power Distributor Company Ltd on May 25, 2014 which subsequently paid to the power company after 3 years on June 21, 2017.

Now question arise, what made the delay of the payment (payment against power consumption) and how the district magistrate and other official concerned remained ignored about such delay in the payment of power bill? The cheque for the pending power bill was issued on March 27, 2017 but finally paid on June 21, 2017, another question of delay of nearly 4 months?

Similarly, one cheque (No 449740) amounting Rs 17, 96, 24, 234 of dated January 18, 2014 was credited by the bank on December 27, 2014, ie after 11 months. Interestingly, the team did not point out why the cheque was delayed to credit when it was high value cheque.

In the same type, another cheque (No 551746) amounting Rs 17,96,24, 434 was issued in favour of special land acquisition officer, Bhagalpur on December 15, 2014 which was debited by the bank on December 27, 2014. But as per the fake bank certificate (as the district administration blames the fake bank statements and hold it responsible for misguiding the district official concerned) the cheque amounting Rs 17,96,2 4,234 was credited in the bank account on January 2014. Now question arise in which capacity the payment of Rs 17, 96, 24, 434 was delayed? “Even the land acquisition officer, Bhagalpur received the said amount in his account only after the amount (which must gone somewhere) returned back to the account of the district magistrate, Bhagalpur otherwise chance was there to dishonor the cheque issued to the land acquisition officer on December 15, 2014 ( the said amount transferred on December 27, 2014-after 12 days).

As per the FIR alleged that Rs 1,61, 91 785 has been withdrawn fraudulently where as the enquiry team in its report mentioned that different cheques and bills amounting to Rs 33, 29,60, 167 was not mentioned in the present bank statement. Whereas this amount is reflected in the old bank statement which is stated as fake bank statement. As a matter of fact this amount was not deposited in this said bank account.

Similarly, the enquiry team had mentioned that Rs 17, 29, 17, 881 was withdrawn from the bank on June 10, 2014 (by cheque No-55175) but actually this amount was never withdrawn from the bank.

The enquiry team also had mentioned Rs 81, 71, 960 as interest received where as the actual interest received as per the present correct bank statement enclosed is Rs 1,04,45,241 . So the embezzlement from this particular bank account as it appears form the information and bank statements enclosed with the FIR should be 10 times more than the reported figure of Rs 1, 61, 91, 785, the observers pointed out.

“This errors pointed out by the observers may give a major lead to the CBI particularly fixing the responsibilities of concerned higher officials in the district who from the first day of exposer of the scam started arguing  the involvements of banks,” marked one retired district official.

It’s a only classic example in one FIR, there are several FIRs which would be required for microscopic verification, the observers pointed out.

A top ranking bank official here said that with such evidences, the bankers would counter the allegations of their active involvements  with Srijan NGO, level by the district administration.

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