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Late Monorama Devi with her veteran children.

Bhagalpur’s Lady Macbeth’s last desire- to became RBI’s governor ?


September 7th, 2017

Our Bureau/

If they had the opportunity, they would have made Late Monorama Devi as the governor of reserve bank of India (RBI) ! And the lady also had many similarities, particularly high ambitions like Lady Macbeth, the famous character of Shakespeare.

There are sufficient evidences how higher official were instrumental to promote Late Monorama Devi so that they could enjoy huge government money via the lady. The official concerned had also done  their bests  to create a bona fide belief among the mass that Srijan Mahila bank was bank like other normal banks.

With false impressions, Late Monorama Devi from very beginning  was  remained active to promote her fake Srijan Mahila bank. On the basis of the observations by early investigating agencies like SIT, CBI has geared up its investigation in how the lady managed the entire cooperative games with her nexus with higher official concerned to misguide everyone after legalize her illegal Mahila bank here.

CBI which recently visited the cooperative bank and cooperative department here, learn to have started searching some important information which were earlier pointed out by SIT here in connection to the mega scam.

CBI has to investigate how and under which circumstances she remained the director, Bihar state cooperative bank over 8 year and who were the official concerned at higher posts who provided Late Monorman Devi all supports. SIT earlier underlined from the post of director, Bihar state cooperative bank, Late Monorama Devi managed to send wrong signals about her Mahila bank.

Late Monorama Devi’s associations with IAS, who extended all helps to her.

Not only that with here influences and the active patronage from the official concerned, she managed to change the by-laws of Srijan Mahila Vikash Sahayog Samity. A senior IAS officer who was earlier in a key post in the state cooperative departmnet, Patna and  closed to the lady now under the radar of CBI, recently returned from the deputation from Delhi and holding an important post in Bihar government presently.

The than district magistrate, Bhagalpur, K P Ramaiya was also the administrator of Bhagalpur central cooperative bank, nominated Late Monorama Devi as representative from the district. The letter of Ramiya also caused to belief that it was a bank,  SIT sources alleged.

On 2003 the general election of Bihar state cooperative bank was held. That time the board of Bhagalpur central cooperative bank was in dissolved state. Monorama managed to win the election and remained the director till 2011. Taking advantages of her post, she managed not only glorified her illegal Mahila bank but also managed to changed the by-laws in 4 times, already  underlined the investigating agencies.

During the course of changing of by-laws, it was alleged that all techniques were adopted for promoting all such illegal activities, pointed out a SIT official. Even she managed to incorporate in the by-laws that Srijan NGO could deal land, housing properties, shops, apartments etc in its banking periphery, the report of the investigating agencies forwarded to CBI pointed out.

Observers raised whether the changes were violations of the norms, the matter should be checked. “It should be verified when amendments in by-laws had been done within the objects of the cooperative,” they pointed out.

It is alleged that with her influence, the lady managed the then district cooperative officer, Pankaj Jha (now in jail) to prepare a favourable  report in July 2013 when Economic Offence Unit, Bihar caught the illegal parking of Rs 7.32 crore amount of the than ADM, JayeShree Thakur in Srijan Mahila bank.

One such her associate, Pankaj Jha now in police net.

Meanwhile, CBI reportedly started searching the letter by former DM, Ramaiya in which Late Manorma Devi was made the representative of cooperative banks of Bhagalpur. The than deputy development commissioner (DDC), Ranvijay’s tenure at Bhagalpur was from August 22, 2002 to February 10, 2003 and Ramaiya was administrator of the Bhagalpur central cooperative bank  here from March 11, 2003 to September 2003. It is said that in April-May, 2003, the letter for nominating the lady was done. After that on September 2, 2003, formation of the board was done and Anandi Prasad Mandal was its president at that time.

Sources from the office of managing director,  Bihar state cooperative bank said as per the old records the election was held on May 2003 and Late Monorama Devi was elected as director.

Interestingly, it is learnt that the lady was very much interested to put her name in the recipient of Padmabhusan and approached many VIPs and bureaucrats for fulfilling her desires. “ I was told to help her to get Padmabhusan earlier. I was told about  her commitments towards the poor and helpless rural women and also her silent mission for the welfare of such women through cooperative movements,” recalled BJP’s national spokesperson, Syed Shahnawaz Hussain who also MP from Bhagalpur earlier.

Under this bona fide belief that  Srijan is a bank, officials who did not have the proper knowledge of RBI acts and cooperative acts, never bothered to intervene into Srijan’s affairs, resulting taking the shape of such a huge scam in the state, observers pointed out.