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Don-turned politician , Anant Singh.

Former don starts poll preparations


January 18th, 2019

Our Bureau/

The roadshow of noted Anant Singh of Mokama today generated much heat in political corridor though poll dates yet not announced. Anant Singh yet not has managed ticket from any party but conducted the roadshow from Patna to Munger via Munger.

Anant Singh with hundreds motorcades marched for Munger via Lakhisarai with his over enthusiastic supporters. Villagers at such villages with sizable populations of supporters of Anant Singh gave him red-carpet welcome. At Barhia and Lakhisarai  township, the crowd was unexpected.

Anant Singh walks on road during the roadshow.

Anant Singh however claimed that he would contest Munger Lok Sabha seat on Mahagathbandhan ticket. His supporters also place flags of different components of Mahagathbandan in the vehicles in his motorcades. “He will obtain ticket from Congress and would contest Munger Lok Sabha seat,” a supporter of Anant Singh claimed.

Today’s road was concentrated on displaying power, as claimed by observers. “Aanat Singh, a controversial figure, has started showing his powers mainly for his rivals like JD-U possible candidate from Munger seat, Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lallan Singh. Besides he has started polarizing votes banks on caste lines mainly upper caste voters,” the observers pointed out.

Topographically, Munger Lok Sabha constituency has a sizable number of voters from a community from which Anant Singh is also belonging. During last Lok Sabha polls, the community favoured Lallan Singh. “This time we will

Anant Singh’s supporters at the roadshow today.

vote for Anant Singh as Lallan Singh has done nothing for this area,” said Narendar, a resident at Lakhisarai. Narendar also claimed that Anant Singh this time would manage to polarize upper caste voters besides he has wide support based among other backward voters.

However, BJP leaders at Lakhisrari and Munger alleged Anant Singh for spreading terrors. “He yet not have ticket from any party but has started creating an environment of fear in the areas. What is need to today’s roadshow ? Actually he tries to introduce himself as a ‘Bahuvali’ candidate in this constituency,” the leaders said.

Close associates of Lallan Singh also alleged Anant Singh for spreading terror unnecessary. “In what basis he would ask for vote? Under the able leadership of Nitish Kumar, we have the moral to convince voters with the performance of our government both at center and at Bihar,” the supporters logically conclude. “We are going to complain against such activities and requested the administration to take appropriate action as we apprehend the worst at any time if such things would continue.

Anant Singh’s motorcade passing through Lakhisarai today.

Anant Singh however rejects such allegations. “Actually, my opponents became frightened with my popularity and have busy to spread such rumours. I will work for the people and people also want me this time,” he said.

Observers however said jumping of Anant Singh in the poll fray this time would make Munger Lok Sabha seat interesting.

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