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1200 ft' concrete guard wall (embankment) constructed by school management to protect school campus from Ganga's furry.

Disparity in floods fighting works ! Delhi Public school management knocks apex court’s doors after government ignores to protect school campus from river Ganga’s erosion


July 25th, 2017

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Should there be any difference between government’s lands and private lands when there is equal threat of land erosion by river Ganga persists on it? Or what prompted the concern government departments to ignore the order of Patna High Court in floods fighting works for the private lands which is on verge of disappear in the river bed?, are some vital question raised by a school management here.

Disparity  clearly writ large at Bhagalpur where the state government already spent nearly Rs 500 crore from 2008 in the name of floods fighting at Naugachia sub-division and another heavy amount in some parts in the outskirt of this city like near Bhagalpur engineering college to counter erosion. But for Delhi Public school, Bhagalpur,  located on the river bank and just beside the engineering college , nothing was done so far despite Patna High Court earlier in 2010 directed the state government to take adequate measures to counter massive land erosion in the school campus by the river!

school campus on the verge of collapse due to massive erosion by river Ganga.


Interestingly, nothing could be done until now at Naugachia’s Gopalpur-Ishmilepur or Raghopur or few places where river Kosi regularly engulfing acres of acre lands every year. Rajesh Srivastava, pro vice chairman of the school vehemently allege the attitude of the government for ignoring such a big issue and remains inactive for countering massive erosion at the school campus.

“I have initiated anti erosion work in my school campus. It’s a   common man’s protest against the violation of fundamental rights, nepotism and corrupt approach by the state government. They have been defalcating public money in the name of embankment and flood fighting in thousands of crores,” told aggrieved Srivastava.

Threat of erosion looms large at the back side school campus of DPS.


DPS situated on the river bank out skirt of the city, has to incurring the furry of floods and massive land erosion in the tunes of heavy financial losses every year since 2008. Besides, during rise in the water level of Ganga, the school remains close every year for a long period. But the situation turned grim last year when the river engulfed a chunk of lands from the school campus and some constructions including a temple vanished into river bed.

Work going on war footing to protect school campus.


“We had to close the school for a period during floods besides had to face heavy loss as the floods water which submerged entire school campus, badly destroyed furniture and other  valuable items,” he recalled.

Srivastava earlier knocked the door of Patna High court against the step motherly attitude of the state government. “  Last year’s experience compelled me to think for the future and decided to take initiative  for the construction of  embankment to counter further flood’s furry,” he pointed out.

Finishing touch on the guard wall (embankment) at the school campus.


According to him for saving lands inside the campus of the school, the school management has started constructing of a guard wall (embankment) of 1200 ft’ long with nearly Rs 15 crore initially. “ With 408 pillars, the construction of concreted guard wall is going on war footing. We managed the services of reputed architectures and engineers from outside who designed the structure to save the campus from Ganga,” he said.

Srivastava raised a very pertinent question : “ is it not the responsibility of the government to take care in such situation, river Ganga is the property of our nation but when the river starts such activities, who would be appropriate to control it; the concern government agencies or public individually?” “Secondly, when the state government has been busy in flood fighting works, to counter the land erosion at the campus of engineering college located a stone throwing distance from our school, than how it closes its eyes with DPS ‘s same problem?” Srivistava added further.

Meanwhile Srivastava has been fighting legal battles in apex court for contempt of court (not obeying previous orders of Patna High court by the state government), compensation against the loss incurred by DPS, Bhagalpur during floods and a proper inquiry for the works done by government in the name of floods fighting.

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