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Vikrramshila Nagrik Samity, a local body coordinating meeting with farmers.

Proposed central varsity hangs in balance : farmers ready to hand over lands for the varsity; state government remains reluctant


May 6th, 2018

Our Bureau/

Vindictive attitude against Vikramshila by Bihar government today reflects clearly when more than 175 farmers unanimously shown their solidarity for handing over their lands for the proposed central varsity.

It’s perhaps first time unique incident in its kind in Bihar when land is available for the proposed central varsity but government continuously creating hindrances so that the central government’s project may get delayed. Villagers also demonstrated against chief minister, Nitish Kumar today for putting obstacles before any move related to development of Vikramshila.

Under utter neglect the world heritage laying unnoticed.


Affluent farmers having adequate cultivated lands at Kahalgaon sub-division today unanimously repeated their previous promise of handing over their lands for the proposed central University that earlier on 2015 announced by the central government.

Central government earlier announced the central varsity for the honour of Vikramshila world University, the ancient seat of learning. State government was asked to arrange 500 acres of lands but when the local farmers were ready to handover their lands in exchange of adequate compensation on governmental rates, state government recently in the floor of the assembly stated that the poor state like Bihar only could afford 200 acres of lands against the proposal of 500 acres.

The farmers from Parsurampur and Ekdara Panchyats  today assembled at Parsurampur village under Kahalgaon sub-division in Bhagalpur under the banner of Vikramshila Nagarik Samity (VNS) a Kahalgaon based body fighting for the cause of Vikramshila since long and shown solidarity for giving lands for the proposed central varsity. The farmers strongly criticized the attitude of Bihar government which recently expressed its unwillingness to arrange funds for compensations for the local farmers for acquiring 500 acres of lands for the prosed central varsity in the name of Vikramshila Buddha Mahavihara.

“It’s the biggest irony, we are ready to handed over our lands against the compensation of governmental rates. But Bihar government which earlier was crying for lands, now cooked up the game of penury and stated that it could only give compensation for acquiring only 200 acres of lands against the desire of the central government of 500 acres for the prosed varsity,” said Bibhash Chandra Jha, a local farmer at Parsurampur who also presided over the meeting.

Tourists rush at Vikramshila in recent times.

N K Jaiswal, convener of VNS alleged Bihar government for unnecessary lingering the land acquisition when local farmers are ready to give their lands against proper compensations as per the governmental rates. According to him earlier district administration on July 17 sent proposal for three alternative places each having three Panchyats with 500 acres of lands to state government.

“We are concentrating only on the second proposal of Sangeetbaita, Parsurampur and Ekdara Panchyats for 500 acres of lands. It will be the best option because the area is located near to the half-excavated site of Vikramshila and secondly it is located just besides the NH-80 and also beside the Bhagalpur-Sahebganj section of railway line,” Jailswal justified for the area for the proposed central varsity.

“Farmers are ready to give their lands but the state government started the drama. We are again sending our request to the chief minister so that the works for the proposed central varsity could started soon. And if this time government will ignore our request we will start mass movement,” said Sweta Gupta, ward member from the area.

Jaiswal while echoing the farmers warned the state government for not to play with the sentiment of the local people who are ready to hand over their lands for the proposed central varsity here. “We will soon start mass movement against the vindictive attitude of the state government which does not want the central varsity or not any development of Vikramshila in the pattern of Nalanda,” Jaiswal said.

Tourists from abroad visits Vikramshila frequently.

Many farmers like Rangila Devi (Mukhiya), Ajit Kumar Jha, Parmanad Jha along with many lambasted Nitish Kumar. “We are not opposing Nalada as it is also in Bihar but what make him so arrogant not to listen a single word related to the development of Vikramshila here,” they alleged. The villagers termed it most unfortunate if the center’s ambiguous central varsity project would deferred due such attitude of the state government.

“We will jump on the roads and entire district will generate much heat against the state government,” said Amit Jha another farmer.

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