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Floods water damaged railway tracks.

Floods creates havoc, collapse of government machineries further compounds the situation


August 18th, 2017

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Water and water- everywhere it’s water!

The devastating floods this times creates havoc in Kosi and Seemanchal regions inundating acres and acres lands and most of the hinterlands along with township areas in the two regions.

The  intensity of the floods this time  is so devastating that floods victims who were earlier migrated to different safe places at  Hasanganj block in Katihar district , have once started shifting from the relief camps as floods water entered there. District administration sources at Katihar  admitted that the real challenge before them was to shift all the victims from flooded relief camps to safer places.

Floods water enters in a relief camp.


Communication both, roads and railways are completely destroyed resulting cut off north eastern states completely.

The situation stated to be worst in Kosi region as people in Saharsa, Madhepura, Supoul are spending sleepless nights virtually while apprehending something  worst like the infamous Kusha tragedy of 2008.

The flash flood in the adjacent district of Araria ,Madhubani and Darbhanga,  located at the west has stimulated panic into the minds of people of Kosi region. People has stated migration for safe place but those who haven’t any option, waiting on the embankment.

Roads too under floods’ rage.


Predictions of heavy rainfall in the Terai region of Nepal and in the Kosi region, fear-stricken people stared recalling   Nauhatta incident of 1984 when  the embankment broke at Nauhatta, resulting large scale devastation created by the river with death tolls over more than 3000. In August 2008, Kusaha breach was another instance when Kosi had the opportunity to create havoc.

For the last few days, Kosi has been pounding the embankment at different places , made the water resource departments men busy with flood fighting works mainly how to save the old and dilapidated embankments on which government spends huge money every year for repairing.

Despite concerned government  machineries yet not admitted -‘the situation is not critical’,  people from the region started migrating from the place or waiting to face the situation.

Floods water inundated residential areas too


A sizable number of population with cattle in villages between the eastern and western embankments of the Kosi eagerly waiting for relief and rescue operations. Many complained that they have been waiting on the embankment mostly with hunger and pain, the pain of loss of valuable household items in the floods water, but yet not seen any government official. Many complain that due to lack of boats, many people who are tapped in the foods water, rescue operation could not possible.

The floods this time targeted railway networks in the region worst. East Central Railway (ECR)  said it would take more than weeks to restore the fallen bridges within its jurisdiction and restore normal traffic, which has been affected by flash flood since August 12.

Many rail bridges are washed away and at many places floods water uprooted the tracks badly. Almost all the important routes are snapped off and connectivity with north eastern region of the country has completely destroyed.

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