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DIG, Bhagalpur monitoring special combing operation at diara lands.

Naugachia goons hardly bother for tight policing ; crime remains disrupted even top cops gear up special operations


November 20th, 2017

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Criminals hardly have any impact on special policing initiated by top cops of eastern Bihar.

When top ranking police officials at eastern Bihar have geared up special inter district combing operations for nabbing goons especially in inaccessible diara lands of river Ganga and Kosi after the sensational killing episode of 4 youths of Naugachia, criminals today looted Rs 12 lakh from the staffs of  Reliance petrol pump located on NH-30 at Naugachia in open broad day light.

Deputy inspector general of police (DIG), Bhagalpur zone has been monitoring the combing operations which started to nab the culprits involved in the brutal killing of four youths and subsequently chopping their bodies into pieces before disposing it into river bed.

Inaccessible diara lands.

Vaibhab who toured the riverine belts of Naugachia on boat, told that SHO of Rangra PS in Naugachia, A K Azad has been suspended by him for his failure to arrest one noted goon of the diara, Moti Yadav. Police announced an award of Rs 50 thousand on Moti Yadav. Besides, Vaibhav scolded  SHOs of Naugachia and Kharik PSs for their failure to control rising crime graphs. He was not available today for his comment over the incident of loot of money at Naugachia.

But all such strategies apparently turns ineffective as crimes still rules the roost of Naugachia and its adjourning areas. According to superintendent of police, Naugachia, Sudhir Kumar the incident happened when criminals on motorcycle snatched the amount of Rs 12 lakh from two employees of the pump while they were on way to ICICI bank, Naugachia to deposit it. The incident is direct challenge to policing at Naugachia, observers pointed out.

Diara residents have to face all hurdles.

Police sources said that, 4-5 people were picked by police at Khagaria district. A police team under the leadership of SDPO, Khagaria, Rajan Kumar conducted raids at the daira areas where the exhibits of killing of the four youths were recovered earlier. However, some family members of the victims at Gouripur in Naugachia alleged today that police yet not provided any boat for search out the bodies from the river bed. “We are searching but how the bodies in small pieces could be found from river bed?” said a top ranking cop from Khagaria. SP, Naugachia said that with coordination with Katihar, Khagaria, Begusarai and Madehpura police combing operations have started to nab the culprits involved in the heinous crime of killing the youths. He said that the accused persons like Pinku Jha escaped with their family members.

Naugachia, the river side sub-division of Bhagalpur was upgraded as a police district with posting of a superintendent of police just to curb crime particularly the massacres and group clashes among different diara  gangsters. Police to some extent countered crime and managed to eliminated many noted goons and their groups in the last 30 years. But it yet not controlled the heinous natures of crime and the goons.

Observers alleged ineffective policing and lack of governmental patronage in terms of development for such crimes which now became a common phenomena in the area.

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