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Helpless father’s 3-years struggle to have his daughter; influential Congress leader creates hurdle in between father & daughter!


June 22nd, 2017

Our Bureau/

A 56 year-old father from Bengaluru alleged former speaker of Bihar assembly  and influential Congress MLA from Kahalgaon constituency in Bhagalpur, Sadanand Singh for putting hurdle before him so that he could not take his 3 year-old daughter in his custody. He even alleged the senior Bihar’s Congress leader for influencing police which even after court’s directive, remains inactive to search out the kid from the clutches of the “abductors” who closely relatives of Sadananad Singh.

The story of Ramesh G Murthy (56), a native of Bengaluru is very pathetic who has been for the last three years fighting battles to have the custody of the kid. Murthy’s 3 year-old daughter Bhavitha earlier was “illegally” taken away to Bhagalpur by his in-laws within a month of her birth. Murthy’s wife Mridula Lata had died just 11 days after giving birth to the child through in vitro fertilization (IVF). The in-laws of Murthy are the close relatives of Sadanand Singh.

Shiv Gopal Mishra,  principal judge, Bhagalpur family court had asked Bhagalpur SSP Manoj Kumar on June 12 this year to ensure immediate interim custody of the girl to Murthy under Guardian and Ward Act, 1890 after a directive come from Supreme Court. But in the meanwhile Murthy’s in-laws, who live in Tilka Manjhi Colony locality in Bhagalpur city, fled with the child, Murthy alleged. “They managed to escape with my girl so that the order of the court could not be implemented,” he alleged.

SHO of Tilka Manjhi police station Sanjay Satyarthi said Geeta’s husband Prabhas Singh has already been arrested in connection with the case. Bhagalpur SSP Manoj Kumar said efforts were on to arrest other accused in-laws of Murthy and hand over the child to her father.

Murthy lives in a joint family and owns a consultancy firm dealing with deep underground constructions in south India.  According to Murthy he was in love with Mridula Lata (Sadananad Singh’s nephew)  in 2003 when both were working in Noida. “We got married next year, the age of my wife was 35 at that time but due to some complications, she gave birth to the girl child at a private hospital in Noida on May 19, 2014, almost a decade after our marriage, through IVF,” He said.  Mridula died just 11 days after the child’s birth and at that time Murthy used to live in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

For Murthy the real ordeal started soon with the death of his wife. He recalled how Mridula’s family members admitted her to the private hospital much before the due date suggested by the doctors when he was away from Noida. “Mridula was shifted to another hospital within hours of giving birth to the child, but she could not survive due to internal bleeding,” Murthy recalled. “It was during this period that my mother-in-law Geeta Devi took my daughter to her son Vibash Surya’s house, who also lived in Noida. Later I came to know that Geeta and others had already fled to Bhagalpur with my daughter,” Murthy said. “Before fleeing with my daughter, they also took away Mridula’s jewellery, property documents and cash from my house,” he also alleged.

He said that he immediately reported the matter to Indrapuram police on June 23, 2014. “I had ran from pillar to post for registering the FIR as nobody was ready even to listen me, Later, I came to know that it’s was Sadanand Singh’s political clout which restrained the police for not entertain my complain,” he alleged. He also alleged a senior cop at Bhagalpur at that time who have nexus with Sadanand Singh, was busy to manage police. “Due to their political connection, the police was delaying but my sincere efforts the FIR was finally  registered on July 2, 2014,” he said. “In many times I was indirectly threatened and even the cops tried to suggest me not to confront with the relatives of Sadananad,” he added further.

Murthy alleged that his in-laws have active patronage from Sadanand Singh who allegedly exerted pressure on police not to take any action against them. He said his two petitions were earlier dismissed by the Allahabad high court, following which he moved Supreme Court which ordered the Bhagalpur family court in March this year to dispose of the case without further delay. “After death of my wife, my in-laws also tried to implicate me with false cases, dowry death related cases. But since my wife died inside a hospital during treatment, I had no role to play,” he clarified.

Murthy’s mother-in-law, Geeta filed a case of dowry atrocity and murder against him with Tilka Manjhi police station on July 1, 2014 through a SDJM court in Bhagalpur.

“I only came to know about the complaint case last year when the matter came up for hearing in a Bhagalpur family court,” he said. “All these years, I only could meet my daughter only for few hours on two different occasions. I am much worried about her future, the persons with whom my daughter is living, are bad persons,” he cried.

Despite several attempts neither Sadananad Singh nor any family members of Murthy’s in-laws were available for their versions.

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