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Ill-fated son-in-law killed in the hands of father-in-laws.

Honour killing : father-in-law’s gang kills son-in-law brutally; takes away daughter forcefully after ransacking house


June 6th, 2017

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It only happens in Bihar- furious parents along with the relatives have no considerations even to ruin own daughter’s career; even her life just for sake of the ‘honours’!

Himansu Yadav (26), a worker at Delhi and native of Gourachouki village under Kajrali PS in Bhagalpur hardly had imagine even in his wildest dream that the curtain of his year-old love story would fall amid high voltage violence in which he would have pay his own life.

Himansu who somehow developed relationship with Soni, daughter of his close relative and neighbour, Parmanand Yadav, eloped with the girl and married her on August 24, 2016. The parents of the girl registered FIR with Kajrali PS. After sometime police managed to recover the girl and after completing all the formalities, the police handed her over to her parents.

Himansu however remained absconded since then but on April 20 last when Soni’s family was busy with the marriage of her elder sister, Soni managed to ran away from her home. She started living with her husband at Delhi. Her family however, did not go to police station to register any complain after the second incidnet.

Incidentally, the couple was summoned from Delhi in the name of the village Panchayat some two week ago. The village Panchayat was hold on the evening of June 5 and the Panchayat pronounced ‘social boycott’ for Himansu’s family.

After the Panchyat pronounced its judgment, the family members of the girl along with a group of unruly mob raided the house of Himansu in the village and ransacked the house in the evening. Not only that the irate mob in which many were carrying firearms and lethal weapons, lynched Himansu and poured several bullets on his body. His mother who came to save the boy, was beaten mercilessly and later was admitted to local JLN medical college and hospital. Himansu’s father, Mitaram Yadav’s life was saved because he was at his filed at the time when the incident occurred. Himansu’s wife was taken away by the unruly mob.

Himansu died on the spot while his mother is still in a critical state. The rioters forcefully taken Soni with them and the family members of Himansu apprehended that she might be killed as part of ‘honour killing’ by her parents.

Himansu was from Yadav caste while her wife was from the same community. But Himansu was native of a Yadav dominated village where people oppose his relationship with the girl is also from his family clan.

It’s to be noted here that there is such Yadav dominated village in Bhagalpur named Koilikutha where two groups of people fought fierce battle over the issue of an electricity poll. Their fighting  lasting over more than 19 years and dozens of people lost their lives during the period.

Meanwhile senior superintendent of police, Manoj Kumar said two people have so far been arrested so far while a FIR was registered against 25 named people of the village. He said police has started massive manhunt but the entire village wore a deserted look as most of villagers fled away from the village.

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