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Women brigades forefront in the awareness rally.

Human Right Organization places Anita Devi as role model beneficiary of RTI act ; takes out awareness rally to celebrate International Human Right Day


December 10th, 2017

Our Bureau/

Anita Devi (48) was excited lot this morning after she arrived Ghanta Ghar Chawk at Bhagalpur, the venue of taking out Awareness Rally by Bhagalpur based Human Right Organization (HRO) two mark two events; one its 13 th birth anniversary and second is to celebrate World Human Right Day today.

But for Anita it was something different- it’s very hard for to managed some little money to travel from Pista locality under Jagdishpur block but she finally managed to cross all hurdles finally as because she decided to show her gratitude to HRO today.

“Somebody informed me that Ajit sir (Ajit Kumar Singh of HRO) called me to join at the awareness rally and I decided to come here. It’s was Ajit sir and his HRO which provided me roof upon the heads of my family members otherwise we all would have to stay beside road under open sky,” she continued to be  excited.

Ajit With Ajit Sharma, local MLA at the rally.

Narrating the incident, Anita, a poor lady whose husband has been fighting with diseases since long, recalled 2015 when her hut was uprooted from Hatiya Nala locality at Bhagalpur city during anti-encroachment drive initiated by local administration here. “I was on the road with my ill husband and small children. Someone told about Ajit sir and with his effective approach, I received 3 decimal free land from the government at Pista areas where today we at least have a roof on our heads,” she broke down in tears with joy.

Ajit Kumar Singh, convener of HRO  who virtually after fighting through RTI, managed a free government land at Pista where Anita settled finally with her family members.

Singh said he had utilized RTI to know about the fate of such landless persons like Anita Devi and subsequently the delay of providing them free land as per government’s norms. Finally in 2016, Anita Devi got 3 decimal of free land from government and she today came to express her gratitude to my organization, he claimed.

Tribal participants displaying traditional musical instruments in the rally.

While projecting Anita as classic result for utilizing RTI as the best weapon to fight for the causes of human right affairs, Singh said RTI act also so far immerges as the most effective tool for protection of human rights. This was echoed by different speakers at a function. The function  which today organized  after conclusion of awareness rally taken out on the streets here this morning by HRO, the Bhagalpur based voluntary organization to fight for the cause of common people with RTI as an effective tool.

Ajit addressing the rally.

The awareness rally was organized by HRO to mark its 13 th anniversary as well to mark the International Humnan Right Day today. Different speakers who addressed the sizable number of participants including women, have strengthened the need of come forward for countering different social evils like dowry system, child marriage, atrocities against female, female  foeticide, alcoholism etc which still hampering the basic concept of human right. Majority of them however said RTI as the best option to safe guard the different aspects of human rights.

Earlier this morning a rally was taken out from Ghanta Ghar chawk, in the heart of the city which was flagged off by local Congress MLA from Bhagalpur town, Ajit Sharma. The participants along with a sizable number of women and girls raised the slogans of human rights.

For protecting fundamental rights.

Ajit Sharma appreciated HRO for taking the issues of poor and depressed people. “HRO has done excellent works for the cause of common people and also make the common mass aware of  RTI in the region,” he said.

Singh said his HRO so far exposed over 50 more than corruption related episodes besides managed to provide justice to many needful persons whose fundamental rights were either robbed off or violated in the present system. “I adopted RTI, the best possible instrument direct to target. There are many critical cases in which the victims were very ordinary or underprivileged and there was not a single person even to hear their plights. But it was RTI which provided them justice in time,” he recalled.

Members of electricity union at the rally.

Singh said that organizing such awareness rally is not just to celebrate the anniversary of his HRO rather to spread aware among the mass. “ For the first time,  the members of Bhagalpur Vijli Shramik Sangh have joined in the rally this time as majority of them recently became unemployed after taking over charge of South Bihar power distribution company from Bhagalpur electricity distribution company private limited (BEDCPL). The retrench employees of the BEDCPL now started movements, realize the importance of HRO,” said Sumanto Chatterjee, a local sales representative of a medical company.

“Ajit has managed to spread the massage that RTI could counter public grievances effectively in today’s system in very effective way today,” was the common perception.

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  1. Rajeev Banerjee says:

    A great report! The event augurs well for a better civil society! Kudos!

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