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Institution for corruption !

Why government ignored AG audit report earlier? Are blocks epicenters of Srijan scam!


September 23rd, 2017

Our Financial Desk/

In the course of investigations, several findings have started surfacing which further increases suspects on the roles of top ranking officials along with concerned bank managements, pointed out experts concerned in financial affairs here.

Observers pointed out here that the team of audit from auditor general (AG), Bihar Jharkhand had earlier made cautious state government about the illegal parking of huge government money with Srijan NGO and irregularities in banking at least in two letters. But the state government did not pay concern to the report, the observers alleged. “Particularly on 2010, gross irregularities in banking transactions were detected through the audit report of district Nazarat. AG audit  recommended high level inquiry with senior official concerned. But instead of conducting the inquiry, with the help of fake bank statements, reports were prepared to rectify the mistakes pointed out by AG audit. Had the official concerned here and also the state government seriously looked after the matter, such big fraud would not have committed,” they pointed out.

Not only that, the AG audit also found some major financial irregularities at district Nazara like shortage of government’s amounts deposited with the banks. The letter for AG audit clearly suggested the authority concerned to visit the banks to ascertain the position of government funds deposit with it and also to verify how the amount drained out from the banks. Local district administration did not verify the matter nor even conducted any inquiry by expert concerned. “Ironically, the official concerned here with the help of some fake bank statements somehow managed to rectify the objections done by the AG audit,” the observers pointed out.

During the audit of district rural development authority (DRDA) by the team from AG audit  on 2008, it raised objection on parking of the amount of Sahari Rojgar Guarantee Yojna to Srijan’s account. The team raised question on which basis the government amount was parking with Srijan. Later the audit of AG, also informed state finance department about such illegal practice by the than DM, Bhagalpur, K P Ramaiya. Even the state finance department while taking cognizance of the letter of the AG audit, sent letters. However, some of the accounts with Srijan were closed but the accounts of DRDA along with some other departments remained open, the observers pointed out.

Another 2 FIRs : 2 another FIRs have been constituted with Kotwali PS in connection with illegal transfer of Rs 18 crore of the accounts of Pirpainty block and Jagdishpur block by Srijan. Last late evening, Sunil Kumar, BDO, Pirpainty block and Raghbendra Kumar, BDO, Jagdishpur block registered the two FIRs against the person concern of Srijan NGO along with the official concerned of bank of Boroda, Bhagalpur and Indian bank, Bhagalpur.

Jagdishpur block  earlier opened a bank account in bank of Boroda on 2000 and the illegal transfer of money to Srijan’s account was started from 2008 onwards. Five more FIRs were constituted with the Kotwali PS here in recent past by five block development officer (BDOs) of Kahalgaon, Jagdishpur, Goradih, Sohaula and Pirpainty blocks against the Srijan NGO and concerned bank officials of bank of Boroda and Indian bank for embezzlement of huge government funds from 2006 onwards.

“During internal audit it came to light that Srijan had started the playing foul in the name of banking since early and it started parking of illegal government money with it from the blocks,” said a team member of the internal audit which started here with the order of district magistrate. CBI which also started investigation and also started preparing inventories from banks also reportedly concentrating on the block games. “Blocks were the easy target for Srijans and it started the illegal activities for blocks first than gradually approached other departments like land acquisition or the district welfare for big amounts,” said an observer.

“The most interesting part is that the letter of former district magistrate, K P Ramaiya in which he directed all the departments here along with the blocks to deposit their funds at Srijan Mahila bank has been missing at local collectorate since Srijan scam exposed,” the observers said adding that the entire episode is apparently indicating the connivance of top to bottom government employees and banks.

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