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Govt. school teacher, Sandip Kumar laying dead.

Inhuman attitude rules the roost, life turns priceless


May 24th, 2017

Our Bureau/

Naugachia :  In eighties brutal murder of a  German tourist in the diara lands (islands of river Ganga) at Bhagalpur sent shock waves across the world. The incident was happened just for snatching the pity belongings of the tourist, camera, wristwatch etc. Naugachia sub-division of Bhagalpur, located in between Ganga and Kosi rivers’ diara lands since long gained notoriety for gruesome killings and also for the brutality shown by the assassinates. They used to slice human bodied into pieces measuring  6 inches and the proverb of “Cha inche” became famous among people of the region.

However many water have been flown both through the rivers Ganga and Kosi but the situation remains the same. The modes of operands of the killers are so inhuman that it is sometime creates doubt about the existence  of good governess in this trouble zone.   Killing any one at any place became very easy practice here.

Broad day light killing :

Motorcycle bond armed youths short dead one Sandip Kumar, a teacher in the government middle school, Khajraitha, Narayanpur in Naugachia today in open broad day light.

The deceased native of Bahatarra and the incident happened this forenoon near Nawada chak. Sandip was returning to his village from the school on his motorcycle when he was chased by the killers and subsequently short dead on the road. Police has stared investigation. It is to be mentioned here that some one month ago another ill-fated teacher of a government school was short dead at Ishmilepur block of Naugachia sub-division inside the school.

Hick of inhuman attitude :

Dowry deaths are still common in this country but just think the attitude of people of Naugachia. In a recent case, a homemaker was killed by her husband and in-laws and subsequently buried inside the agricultural filed. Later after the complain of the father of the victim, the mutilated body was exhumed with the help of a JCB payloader.

According to superintendent of police, Naugachia police district, Pankaj Sinha, the body of one Sapana Kumari was found buried in an agricultural field at Latra village in Gopalpur police station area of Naugachia subdivision. The field from where body was recovered had been

Ill-fated Sapna Kumari’s file photo.

to avoid detection, the police said.

Father of the ill-fated victim, Fulewswar Mahato in a complain lodged to police mentioned earlier that his daughter had been missing and he apprehended that she had been killed for dowry.  Police however managed to search out the body from a nearby filed after noticing loose soil in that agriculture field. “When the loose soil was cleared to a certain depth, smell from the earth had confirmed about the  mutilated body,” Sinha, said.  He also claimed that the  disfigured body showed that the victim had been brutally tortured before killing.

Police recovered the body which was buried inside a cultivated field.



Village sources said that the victim, a resident of Pathartola village of Katihar, had married Lalit Yadav of Latra after eloping with him last year. “As the victim belonged to a different caste, her in-laws never accepted her in the family. Besides, they didn’t had the opportunity to enjoy dowry from the father of of the victim in the marriage . After her marriage, the victim was staying with one of her married sisters-in-law at Bhawanipur village in Rangra, a place near Naugachia,” villagers added. According to police source, in the preliminary investigation, police came to known that the in-laws somehow managed to call the victim at their house and when she reached there, they killed her and dumped the body in the field.

Six persons, including victim’s husband, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and mother-in-law, had been named in the FIR lodged in connection with the murder, the police source said, adding that police set massive manhunt to nab the culprits who reportedly absconding after the killing incident.

“All the family members were very cool during the entire operation as if nothing was happened. But with the arrival of the father of the victim in the scene, they managed to escape in anticipation of police actions,” revealed a next door neighbour of that killers’ family.

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