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Srijan @ scam headquarters!

Why to blame JayeShree & Comp. only ? What about official concerned who close their eyes !


September 1st, 2017

Our Bureau/

How to tame her now, when  the Economic Offence Unit (EOU) fails appropriate action against her ?

Yes, she is JayShree Thakur, recently terminated by the state government from the post of an additional district magistrate (ADM) rank official in Bihar government and one of the important master minds in Srijan scam.

Wanted by both Banka and Bhagalpur police, now becomes one of the top most priority for CBI also in connection with the Srijan scam.

JayeShree Thakur and her Srijan nexus.


Sources pointed out the two FIRs registered by present district land acquisition officer, Banka (Banka PS-505/17) of embezzlement of over Rs 83.10 crore  and another FIR for embezzlement of another Rs 18 crore  against Srijan NGO along with Jaye Shree Thakur,  the than district land acquisition officer, Banka and officer concerned of bank of Boroda and Indian bank, Bhagalpur branches, however alleged the role of the than investigating agencies on 2013. The Agencies like Economic Offence Unit (EOU) earlier conducted investigations   after the illegal deposit huge money by JayeShree Thakur was come to light on 2013 with Srijan Mahila bank.

“How funny,  the investigating agency was failed even to  notice the illegal parking of huge government  money to an illegal bank like Srijan Mahila bank at that time. Not a single department concerned, mainly the Economic Offence Unit (EOU), Bihar which was conducting the probe,  had  not raised the matter at that time,” the officer said on condition of anonymity.

NTPC’s power projects gets hamper by the scam.

The racket involving the illegal transfer of government money, mainly the amount of district land acquisition officer, Banka had its adverse impact on important railway project of connecting Banka-Deoghar. “Banka district administration had to face immense difficulties to arrange compensations to the land oustees whose lands were earlier required for laying of new railway tracks on Banka to Deoghar via Kotoria. The than land acquisition officer, Banka, Jaye Shree Thakur was the mastermind of the entire episode. And Banka-Deoghar rail project which was scheduled to start on 2008-09 was delayed by 2015. Not only that many other important land related issues were also disturbed or delayed due the scam,” said a retired official of Banka district administration.

District land acquisition office, Bhagalpur was also affected with Srijan scam. The much ambiguous 1320 MW  power project of  NTPC at Pirpainty at Bhagalpur which already acquired over 900 Acres of lands there, delayed mainly due to movements by the lands oustees there for not proper payment of the compensations against their lands acquired by the project. “The land acquisition which was started from 2014 there yet not completed as out of  total 969  land oustees, more than 200 are not yet been paid for the lands acquired in the project. The than district land acquisition officer, Rajiv Ranjan Singh (also accused in the scam and presently absconding) used to tell people that since the government didn’t have the money, so it was delayed to pay the land oustees,” pointed out Munna Singh, a local land oustee at Pirpainty.

Banka-Deoghar railway project which delayed due to the scam.


“It was a clear matter of negligence as the entire matter was a classic case of money lending despite the facts that no appropriate action was taken at  that time,” said the officer of the team. But interestingly, the SIT even this time failed to underline the mistakes done by the concern agencies like EOU to probe the matter which ultimately helped Srijan NGO flourish this scam in greater magnitude.

One English News Paper (July 2013) for the first time apprehended parking of huge government money at Srijan Mahila bank in  its series of reports  which were published soon the EOU sniffed huge disproportionate wealth of Jaye Shree Thakur, the than land acquisition officer, Banka. The EOU sleuths during investigations found that a cheque containing Rs 7.32 crore by Jaye Shree Thakur was deposited at Srijan Mahila bank for clearance and her another amount of Rs 7.86 crore was deposited to bank of Boroda, Bhagalpur branch. He amount was seized by the EOU at that time.

“The two cheques were issued from land acquisition department, Banka and despite knowing that Srijan Mahila bank was not having any license from Reserve bank of India (RBI),  why the concerned investigating agency kept mum over the issue of Srijan Mahila bank?” asked Sanjit Kumar, a chattered account, Bhagalpur who at that time played an important role to highlight the issue.

CA, Sanjit Kumar, the whistle blower in Srijan case.

“I wrote intensively to all including union finance ministry and governor, RBI. RBI was only institution which responded my letter and directed district magistrate, Bhagalpur to conduct an enquiry in the entire episode. I don’t know what type of investigation was done by officials here because I was not intimated. But I am quite sure even today that nothing at that time was done against the illegal banking,” he pointed out.

Sanjit further raised many pertinent questions related to the negligence by part of the investigating agencies and alleged the negligence finally helped Srijan to continue its racket. “Had the illegal practice by Srijan NGO was stopped at 2013, draining out of crores of rupees would have not  been possibler till 2017, major parts of huge government amounts from 2003 onwards, drained out during 2013-2016 ” he pointed out.

He asked why the EOU failed to intimate the Enforcement Directorate (ED) at that time since it was a pure case of moneylending?

Banka district magistrate, Kundan Kumar said that in preliminary investigation it was found that it is clearly indicating that how the nexus of Jaye Shree Thakur and Srijan NGO was working effectively at Banka when the account of the land acquisition office, Banka was opened at a bank at Bhagalpur.

SIT sources narrated how Jaye Shree Thakur managed one Kishore Ghose (another suspected accused in the scam and also close to Late Monorama Devi, now absconding) to develop her relation with Late Monorama Devi so that she could park her illegal money with Srijan Mahila bank.

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