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Kautilya at Bhagalpur today.

Little scholar Kautilya at the land of knowledge


January 7th, 2019

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10 year-old Kautilya Pandit, the miracle boy from Haryana, Kautilya Pandit better known as Google boy today rocked at the land of this ancient silk city which once towered tall in the world mainly for art, culture, knowledge and education.

Like many previous events, people including University professors and high profile residents here were literary fixed to witness the talent of the boy today here. Kautilya came Bhagalpur to attain a function of a non-governmental organization.

Born in a middle class family in Karnal, Haryana, Kautilya’s IQ level is said to be close to 130. So IQ can probably get one of 100 in this age, sources said. He proved his talent as he mostly focused on cosmos science or space science. “At the age of 5 year of his age he was famous as google boy and also was a start in TV shows in the country. But at his 10 year age today, he becomes famous as Space Boy,” said of a organizer in today’s show.

“I was thrilled as the small boy started talking like an space expert,” commented a senior teacher of Tilk Manjhi Bhagalpur University. Kautilya was talking about his interest in space science and pointed out some very important aspects like black holes to reflection gravitation. He was explaining some very important concepts of Einstein to Stephen Hawking. Mostly, he was talking in English and said he has been concentrating on space science.

Interestingly, he has same command on history and other subjects. “Whatever I read anything, I use to pay proper concentration. We should develop a habit to understand properly what we are reading,” he gave tips to students here.

A student of class 7, Kautilya always comes top in his class. Apart from, study he is also a good player of cricket, football, chase and other games. “I easily could complete higher educations in my tender age but my parents told me not to so advance in acquiring degree prematurely as it could have an adverse impact on my childhood. So I am not in hurry to acquire degrees earlier,” he pointed out.

“Our aim was to introduce Kautilya before the residents here, especially before the students so that they could have been motivated,” said one of the organizer of the programme.

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