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Bihar team practicing at Bhagalpur.

Bihar’s Kayaking & Canoeing team ready to crack hard nuts in national game


December 18th, 2017

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The Kayak probably originates from Greenland, where it was used by the Eskimos while the Canoe was used all over the world. And in Bihar having its epicenter at Bhagalpur, players from this region won several national events.

Kayaking and Canoeing, a new international acclaimed game  has started gaining popularity in Bihar, particularly at Bhagalpur. In a major development today, 24 members  team consists of boys and girls from Bihar  for the 28 th Cano sprint event Kayaking and Canoeing  completion at Bhopal in the coming year  has been selected. The competition will started from January 6-14, 2018 at Bhopal.

The team was selected this morning  after a brief trail on the river Ganga here at Barari bridge Ghat where the participants performed their skills. The team was selected under the observation of national referees of Kayaking and Canoeing , Md Sahid Hussain and Upendra Yadav. Two experts of the game who are also the members of Bihar Kayaking and Canoeing Association (BKCA), the body affiliated with Indian Kayaking and Canoeing Association, Ravikant and Ramchandar Yadav was also in the selection committee.

According to Manoj Kumar,  secretary of BKCA, the participants from Bihar will participate in sub juniors’ boys and girls events along with junior boys and girls and men and women groups. Sweeti Kumari has been selected in sub junior girls category in the team while Bidur Kumar and Rupesh Kumar in sub junior boys category, Pradeep Kumar in junior boys while Purnima Kumari, Pallavi Kumari and Namrata Bharati for women category, Sudhir Kumar, Md Shahbaz Ansari, Amarjeet Kumar, Rahul Kumar, Birawal Kumar, Sahil, Sonu Yadav, Choudhary Arun Kumar, Gurdeep, Akash Rathi, Zakir Khan, Firoj Khan, Himansu Sonu, Mohit Panwar, Deepak, Ameet Singh and Manish Kumar has been selected in men’s category.

From Vhairaba Talav to river Ganga!

Kumar said that the team will proceed for Bhopal from Bhagalpur on January 5 and special training programme for the selected players would be conducted from December 19-January 3 at Barari bridge Ghat daily under the guidance of Ramchandar Yadav and him.

Vhairaba Talav, a water pound inside the campus of Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University was earlier the practice spot for the Kayaking and Canoeing players which recently shifted to Barari bridge ghat. “In fact Vhairaba Talav was ideal place for us but the players at the pond don’t have the privilege to run the boats straight mainly due to the shape and size of the pond. For  the competition it is very essential for any participants to play boat in straight direction up to 2-3 km, which gives him/her strength and perfection. On river Ganga, playing the game is very fruitful because the such hard practice makes a player more matured,” Kumar disclosed.

Bihar team which earlier managed prizes, this time also expecting better performance, claimed Kumar. “We earlier had shown the talents of boys and girls in the game. This time we expect much because our boys and girls have started hard practice on river Ganga,” Kumar pointed out. He said that most of the participants are from poor family background but with their strong determination, they performed the best in national events.

Sudhir Kumar Sudhansu, a physically challenged participant from Bhagalpur  won gold in the national event of the game at Kerala on 2015 in junior category while he again on 2016 national game won bronze in man’s category. Similarly, another physically challenged Kayaking player, Amit managed to place him in third place in 2016 national at Bhopal game. “One could imagine these facts, physically challenged from this region could won the game mainly because of their dedication and devotion,” Kumar pointed out.

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