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Spritual lady, Krishna Bom proceeds to Deoghar temple this after from Sultanganj amid tight security.

Cheerful crowd welcome spiritual lady, bow down heads on her route; Krishna Bom kicks off her marathon to reach Deoghar temple within next 20 hours


July 23rd, 2017

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From the ‘break’ she again joined today at her holly mission; Kanwarias (saffron clad pilgrims) have been missing her badly for the last two Somwari (Monday as auspicious day in the month of Shravan). She for the first time was absent during last two Somwari as she went to Mahakaleshwar from Onkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh to worship Lord Siva there.

Arrival of the spiritual lady Krishna Dak Bom at the river bank of Sultanganj this afternoon has made the gathering of Kanwarias mainly the Dak-Boms (marathon runner pilgrims) more energetic and the atmosphere turned very joyful. “Bol Bom, Jai ho Mata Bom” saffron-clad Kanwarias welcome Krishna Bom. Entire river bank echoed the Kanwarias’ slogans.

Krishna Bom arrived Sultanganj this morning.


Krishna Bom along with the others who fetched water this after noon and without any disruption would cover the distance of 100 km to reach inside the sanctum-sanatorium of Lord Baidhyanath’s temple at Deoghar tomorrow, the thrir Somwari of the month of Shravan. Dak Boms usually prefers to worship Lord Shiva on Somwari only and for that they fetch holly Ganga Jal on Sunday afternoon and reach Deoghar within the stipulated period of 24 hours.

Many Kanwarias started approaching Krishna Bom to touch her feets. “Look she is like a goddesses enjoying the special blessing of Lord Mahadeva. Touch her feet, your life would be changed,” Sunita Devi a Kanwaria from Ara asked his son to touch the feet of Krishna Bom.

Like Sunita many Kanwarias started rushing towards the lady; security personnel were trying their level best to push the mob away and the concerned district officials present at the bank of the river were looked much nerves. “Don’t create scene, you all are going to Lord Baidhyanath. You should pay your attention to the journey rather on me. I am also like you with bones and fleshes,” the lady softly rebuked her admirers who were virtually turned mad to touch her feet.

Taking blessing from this holly lady also become ritual for many.

What the security and local officials failed to do the lady had done it within a second. The crowd slowly moved away and allowed the lady to start her holly voyage. But every one was bowing down their heads before the lady as if she was a live Goddess.

64 year-old Krishna Pandey alias Krishna Bom is treated like a real Goddess by everyone. “She is directly blessed by Lord Baidhyanath as she can do anything,” the popular conception to describe her.

On being asked about the importance of the such heraclius journey, she politely said that Shiv is the part of Bhramha, the creator of this world and has no shape, so people worship the ‘nirakar’ form of Shiva in shivalingam. Shiva symbolizes for ‘Sathya’(truth) and ‘Sundaram’ (beauties) and present inside every living creatures in the world.

Quoting the famous version of Swami Vivakanand, Jiv sewa hi Shiva sewa (those who help the living beings, worshiping Lord Shiva), she said that all the Shiva devotees are the best friends of the living beings.

For the last 35 years, the spiritual lady uses to run bare footed to cover the 100km distance from Sutanganj to Deoghar temple on every Sunday during the month long Sharvani mela without failing even a single Somwari (Monday) to worship the Lord Baidhyanath at Deoghar. She today fetched the Ganga jal from the river ghat at around 2.30 Pm and would reach inside the temple of Lord Baidhyanath at Deoghar at around 9.30 am on tomorrow.

“No no I am simple lady and can’t have any God gifted power but with the grace of Lord Baidhyanath I have been enjoying love and respect from people,” Krishna Bom explain simply.

Busy with interaction : Krishana Bom on way to Sultanganj Ganga ghat to fetch water to worship Lord Baidhyanath.

Headmistress in Chalkwari governments’ middle school, Muzaffarpur in Bihar, Krshina Bom is the native of Bhatandi hamlet under Sarai station in Vaishali district in Bihar. She has been on run for the last 35 years without missing a single Monday during every month of Shravan. For the last 35 years she on every Sunday arrives to Sultanganj and starts the journey to Deoghar. Earlier Krishna Bom walked barefooted from Gangotri the exist point of river Ganga to Deoghar to offer Lord Baidhyanath the holly water from the place. “But this time it was the exception, I went to Mahakeleshwar after fetching water from Onkareshwar, it look almost 8 days and the journey was very tedious because I had to walk on hilly terrains there. Last evening I returned back to my native place and arrived Sultanganj this morning,” she explained before @news5pm this morning.

“My husband, Nand Kishor Pandey who is working in a private construction company fell sick seriously some 31 years back. I prayed for his recovery and after that I started visiting the place on every Monday during the month of Shravan. I will continue this practice till I will live,” she pointed out. Krishna’s children, one son and two daughters are well settled and married.

Banka police uses to provide special escorts of 41 commandos to her when she arrives inside the jurisdiction of Banka and the commandos accompany her to Lord Baidhyanath temple and to Jasidih railway station from where she takes Muzaffarpur’s train. “This is for her security, mainly to protect her from the mob of pilgrims. Since there is elaborating security arrangements on the Kanwaria Path at Bhagalpur’s jurisdiction, there is no need of providing her the escorts,” pointed out a police officer here. At Deoghar, Krishna Bom has the privilege to enter directly inside the sanctum-sanatorium of Lord Baidhyanath’s temple.

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