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Patrolling on trucks.

Police claiming almost end of Maoists menaces at eastern Bihar districts ; last night rebels paralyze trains services on two important routs over 6 hours!


August 3rd, 2017

Our Bureau/

Set aside all speculations by the police and security forces that left extremism in the districts of Eastern Bihar has faded, the rebels last mid-night once created high scale nuisances particularly targeting Indian railways at Lakhisarai, the strongholds of the outfits.

The intensity of the Maoists menaces was so high that the commandos of 207 Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA) reached the spot from Jamui district on foot covering almost more than 12 km in the dark hours.

Ill-fated passengers inside the train had to spend sleepless night in the jungle.

Last mid-night, the rebels  hijacked Danapur-Durg Express between Bhalui and Jitendra halt in Eastern Bihar district of Lakhisarai. The Maoists have been observing week long bandh from July 28 to August 3 in Eastern Bihar and northern Jharkhand districts in protest against police highhandness.

The Maoists also abducted the railway gate man at Uren station on Kiul-Bhagalpur-Sahebganj  loop section of Eastern railways (the station is falling under Lakhisarai district’s jurisdiction) at around last mid-night resulting complete disruption of train services on this section. Similarly,  the Maoists, armed with assault rifles, simultaneously attacked Jitendra and Bhalui halt respectively, which were four to five kilometres apart on Patna-Asansol main section of Eastern railways  and located (near Lakhisarai-Jaumi border). “They forced the gatemen of both cabin to turn the signals on track red. They abducted both gate men and freed them after few kilometers away,” a high level CRPF source pointed out.



The rebels also set the abducted gate man of Uren station and subsequently

Kundar halt station in a highly inaccessible location.

set him free after train services completely withdrew in the mid-night on Kiul-Bhagalpur-Sahebganj loop section.

Train services on Patna-Asansol main section, otherwise busy in nigh hours, remained disrupted and many important trains had to stop here and there last night causing much trouble to the passengers.

“It was indeed a worst experience with much thrilling and horrors when our train stopped in a no man land. Everywhere it was pitched dark and we had to listen different Jungle sounds. There was no security inside the train,” narrated Kavita Mishra, a passenger of the train. “Someone  also made announcement to the passengers onboard from fields to remain seated inside the train, later we come to know that the announcement was from Maoist’s side,” she added further.

Two important train roots remained disrupted over more than 6 hours till this morning in Maoists’ fear, admitted a top ranking railway official from Hajipur.

The outfits also blown up a  mobile tower in the area last night.

Sources from CRPF claimed  that the intention of the Maoists were to lure the security forces in the area for an ambush in which they did not succeed. The incident took place in Bhimbandh’s area which is  considered as highly rebels dominated zone.



“We were ordered for march on foot to the spot after  knowing that  Danapur-Durg Express halted near the Bhalui halt due to mid-night Maoists’ strike

Kundar halt is located near Bhimbandh forest cover-the safe corridor for the rebels.

. The Maoists forced the gate men to pass message to government machinery that they have planted explosives on the tracks and would blew it,” a senior CRPF officer of 207 CoBRA  battalion  said.

Some commandos on condition of anonymity reveled that they reached at Jitendra and Bhalui halt at around 4.30am after covering more than 12 kilometers on foot and spotted an armed section of around 12 Maoists hiding far from the railway tracks.

Exchange of fire took place between the security forces and Maoists near Jitendra halt, CRPF sources said. “Since we outnumbered the rebels, they somehow managed to left the place taking the advantages of darkness and the highly inaccessible topographic location of the spot,” the sources pointed out. However, no causality has so far been reported.

Intelligence sources said that the bandh called by the outlaws would be concluded today mid-night. “Possibility of any big nuisances particularly on railway and other public properties could not be ruled out during the last phase of the their agitation,” intelegence source apprehended. While echoing the same apprehension, Jamui and Lakhisarai police said all precautionary measured have been beefed up. But when asked whether the security agencies which hardly dare to venture in the places like Kundar halt etc even in day time, could arrange fool proof security arrangements in the places for safe guarding railway tracks etc, top ranking cops preferred to be tightlipped.

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