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The migrants of Bihar!

It’s good to be adamant for lock down; but Corona starts spreading from such people who manage to reach their home turfs from outside during lock down


April 29th, 2020

Our Bureau/

Lock down has been aimed to counter the rapid spread of COVID-19 virus. But when infiltration is continued, how to check the spread of the fatal disease?

This is what actually most parts of Bihar is facing today for countering the Corona disease. Hundreds students are trapped at Kota in Rajasthan and started crying for their home coming but the government is adamant to follow the norms of lock down as prescribed by the prime minister and central government.

Railway tracks used as walk tracks for the migrants .

But the contrast of the situation reflects when some influential like ruling party MLA managed to bring back his wards from Kota. Bihar government repeatedly urging a sizable population of daily wage earners from the state who presently trapped in the lock down at different places in the country, not to take any risk and to stay at their respective places. Bihar also tightened the security measures at bordering parts with other states. But the crowd of daily wage earners in groups started pouring into different parts of Bihar while traveling across hundreds of kilometers.

Every body has to hurry for reaching home!


“Well the government has decided to implement lock down strictly but on the other hands people managed to enter into Bihar with hide and seek games. And the result is crystal clear, see the sudden rise of COVID-19 patients in the state,” said some doctors on condition of anonymity at JLNMC hospital, Bhagalpur.

“One positive case of COVID-19 recently detected at Purnea and the patient, a man recently managed to complete his journey from Delhi to Purnea on a vehicle that carried fruits. Similarly, one positive case which found in Bhagalpur city, has a travel history. The man managed to reach Bhagalpur from Mumbai recently. There are number of such cases in eastern Bihar and other parts in Bihar where people reached their native places while traveling during lock down periods. They subsequently started  gifting COVID-19 at their respected neighbourhoods.  Now tell me if the lock down is going on and the entry and exist points are sealed, than how such trespasses could be possible?” asked Anand  Jha, a senior advocate at Bhagalpur.

“Kota episode has further cast a cloud on the state government and people virtually annoyed as Utter Pradesh chief minister in neighbouring state has managed to solve same problem already. People of Bihar will never forgive Nitish Kumar for not taking any concern with the youngsters and migrant labourers who trapped in the lock down at different places like Kota ,” said Binay Yadav, a school teacher at Munger. Binay and his family members have been waiting for safe return of his nice from Kota.

The mission is how to reach home!

“Do you see the photos of the migrants labourers walking hundreds of kilometers  to reached their homes? Two square’s meal is not the factor, any one could be disturbed, particularly if s/he is a daily wage earner at a distant land and has not privileged. S/he hardly bother for anything and the way hundreds of such people travelled across distant places is perhaps the better example to understand the necessity and the human psychology at this moment,” said a former teacher in post graduate department of psychology at TMB University.

“Well government could have arranged properly and would have been acted like its counterpart, ie,  Uttar Pradesh. After bringing the people from outside they should put in quarantine  followed by proper treatment. This approached would have more appropriate for checking the disease but see how the graph at Bihar rapidly increasing. But failure of the government to take an appropriate strategy, converted Bihar as a hot spot, alleged Dayashanker Mishra, a retired government official at Banka.

Buses arranged for the migrants by govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

RJD leaders lambasted Nitish government for its failure both in bringing back the people from other places and also to check infiltration in Bihar. He holds the government responsible for the spreading of the disease in Bihar.

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