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An accused in Srijan scam case trying to cover his face at court here.

Loose ends in Srijan case : ignored by local investigating agencies ; CBI could throw lights on it to find real culprits


August 27th, 2017

Our Bureau/

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)  which has already took over the investigation in Bihar’s mega scam, conducted daylong meeting with officials concerned, mainly the EOU and SIT members who earlier assigned to conduct investigations.

CBI which is scheduled to start intensive investigation separately, however has to tighten the loose ends of the case which so far remained untouched by the two investigating agencies, EOU and SIT, said expert concerned.

Experts concerned raised question on SIT as many loose ends in the case yet not investigated even after passing over more than 15 days. According to them, though 18 persons were so far arrested in connection with the scam, the role played by the main conspirators yet not specified during the course of investigation. “There are several loose ends which only  could give  clues to solve the puzzle in the episode. But unfortunately, the two investigation agencies of the state government apparently failed to achieve any progress in the case,” the experts observed.

“The scam already crossed over Rs 1138.10 crores and the investigating agencies trying to fix responsibilities on Binod Kumar, the driver of a banker who also now in the jail in connecting with the scam or Banshidhar, a shopkeeper who used to operate computer printing business,” they raised question. The experts concerned raised some of the prominent questions which has to be answered properly-

CBI team reached Bhagalpur last late evening at Bhagalpur.

(1). Parking of government money to a unauthorized bank , ie, in Srijan Mahila bank was illegal. Such practices were started from the year 2000 onwards where blocks and government departments had stared parking government’s funds to said bank which was an illegal and unlawful practice. How many people (read concerned government officials) were listed for practicing such illegal and unlawful work?

(2).Since the roles of over a dozen DMs posted here from 2000-2017 are suspected for ignoring such huge transactions of government money during their tenures, why their names were not listed in the investigation? When the violation of NI act was clearly evident against them. Besides, despite of digital cheques and alarm on account holder’s mobile after any transaction from the concerned bank etc were available but why such banking facilities in government’s accounts were not available?

(3).How the cheques containing huge  government money were transferred to Srijan NGO mostly with endorsements (or through third party cheques) when the money laundering act 2002 which implemented from 2005, strictly prohibited the third party cheques. How the official concerned remained ignorant of the violation of the act which was on practice till upto 2017?

(4).Adesh Titarmare, the present DM, Bhagalpur ordered to registered a FIR with a local PS here on the night of August 6 after the transfer of Rs 12.20 crores of district welfare department to the account of Srijan NGO was come in light. But there are several such instances during last two years, why Titarmare did not notice such illegal practice earlier? Why department concerned whose accounts were transferred to Srijan NGO, not used to update bank statements in 3 months interval or conduct any meeting to review funds positions with banks? Interestingly, how Amrendra Yadav, Nazir of district Nazarat who registered the first FIR on August 6, disappeared from August 7 mysteriously? Though later he was made accused by SIT for his active involvement in the scam, but whether he absconded or was force to abscond ?

(5).The SIT which started functioning soon after the first FIR in the case was instituted, conducted raids to Srijan’s central office at Sabour block premises and seized all documents concerned. The SIT which arrested 7 persons within next 3 days however failed to arrest the executive committee members of Srijan NGO. The Executive committee members mostly, women including the wives of the kingpins like RLSP district president, Dipak Verma or former BJP leader, Vipin Sharma managed to escape along with their husbands easily from Bhagalpur. Similarly, other main  suspected figures like Amit Kumar, Priya Kumar, M V Raju, Kishore Ghose managed to escape under the nose of SIT here while evidences are crystal clear against them for their deep rooted involvements in the scam. SIT which geared up for the arresting now but what made it delay to arrest them at that time ?

Late Monorama Devi- founder of the mega scam!

(6).The recovery of office copy of the letter for former DM, K P Ramaiya in which he instructed all his subordinates to deposit the amounts of their respected offices at Srijan NGO and subsequently disappear of the letter with the peon book, is still a mystery. But what action has taken by the SIT so far in this episode?

(7).Why the on going investigation remained silent on the role of the than secretary, Bihar state cooperative society, Amitav Verma ? Verma is said to be the mastermind to help Late Manorama Devi to open the said illegal bank.

(8).Though the another important kingpin in the scam, former district cooperative officer, Pankaj Jha was arrested along with some others in the cooperative department here in connecting of the scam. But why the SIT yet not focus on the concerned higher officials in the cooperative department at that time who must had provided Pankaj Jha and his associates patronage ?

Rajni Priya alias Priya Kumar- daughter in-law of Monorama Devi & also her successor.

(9).On 2013 the then DM, Bhagalpur P S Meena ordered a probe after the matter of Jaye Shree Thakur episode was exposed. SIT has claimed that Pankaj Jha, one of the master mind in the scam who was made one of the member of the probe team along with another ADM rank official, Sudhir Kumar at that time, managed to suppress the matter. But since it was a probe ordered by a district magistrate so what was ultimate outcome of it- has the SIT any idea about it ? or has it investigated whom were the higher officials who were involved to manage it?

(10).Has the SIT taken the auditors concern or the income tax officials who used to audit or conducted the assessment of Srijan NGO’s accounts etc in its radar in the course of investigation? By dint of such audit reports or income tax assessments, Srijan managed to flourish its illegal activities of embezzlements of crores of government exchequers.

The experts concerned however hope that if CBI could managed to tight these loose ends in this episode, real culprits could be booked and some major parts of the lost government money also could be recovered.

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