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The survivors of Chaki Maoist incident.

How safe eastern Bihar hinterlands ? Maoists still rule the roost


January 17th, 2019

Our Bureau/

Giving a direct challenge to the ‘super cop’ Manu Maharaj who soon after taking the chair of deputy inspector general of police (DIG), Munger of Munger police zone announced to eliminate left wing extremism, Maoists openly killed two people, one member of Anjuman committee and another sectary of Gram Katchari at Chaki in red-infected Jamui district.

Despite tall claims of police about eliminations of outlaws, Maoists, from Eastern Bihar districts hinterlands, rebels continue to penetrate in the rural parts of Eastern Bihar districts. And the incident of Garuarwad village under Barmoria Panchyat of Chaki block, near to Giridih district of Jharakhand on the night in which the troops of men in uniforms with sophisticated arms like assault rifles AK-47 encircled the village and killed Gulam Ansari (30) and Usman Ansari (35). Sakhida Khatn, wife of Usman also sustained bullet injury in the incident.

“They raided the village with motorcycles and others including girls with weapons were encircling the village. The rebels broke open the doors of the deceased before short them,” eyewitness accounts from the village narrated. All the rebels managed to flee towards Barmoria forest which could easily give safe passage to anyone to Giridhi. The outfits left handwritten notes blaming the deceased for spying for the police.

Villagers in grief after the killing.

“We are under the mercy of the rebels and police or any government agencies could not ensure us safety,” is the common perception on every lips not only at Garuarwad village but most of the hinterlands in the region.

Police and CRPF has started massive combing operations as usually and yet not received any success. But the pertinent question raised how such incident could be happened when there are some camps of para military forces like CRPF are already there and  police has been claiming that due to effective police, it has already managed to counter rising tentacles of the outlaws in the districts like Munger, Lakhisarai, Jamui, Banka, parts of Bhagalpur.

Observers however blamed the government for its failure to curb Maoists. “It’s really very interesting that a few rebels managed to create panic in the districts. Actually they still enjoying the mass support in remote hinterlands where residents are virtually annoyed with government for age old apathy towards them,” the observers pointed out.

They alleged that cores of rupees both from center and state have been spent in the areas under special categories funding in the left wing extremism infected areas, but the result is almost zero. Villagers of sizable villages still have to migrate in bulk during onset of  summer mainly in search of drinking water, no income generating opportunities, no proper education system for poor, lack of basic health care facilities and there many hurdles in the areas which have been faced by the people still today even after longs years of Indian Independence, the observers pointed out.

“ We in many occasion found how villagers supported the rebels, though they are in less numbers but the inaccessible topography and villages support help them to carry out their activities. On the otherhand, the villagers who are still living in mediaeval era mainly due to governmental apathy, have no option rather to support the rebels,” admitted a CRPF official on condition of anonymity.

Wailing family members of the victim.

“Earlier top brass of cops decided to cut such supply lines and acted on the strategy at some places like Krandini inside Bhimbandh forest covers. But it was not a practical approach as the inaccessible topography its self is not safe for the police and forces where police could not stay long. Secondly, villagers at such places have no options rather to support the rebels,” the observers pointed.

A top ranking cop at Munger said that police has started investigating and also studying the facts. “We would not compromise at any cost and our priority is to eliminate the Maoists from the areas but at the same time we need cooperation from local denizens particularly in most inaccessible parts of the region,” the officer said.

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