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Srijan’s master stroke with fake bank accounts !


September 9th, 2017

Our Economic Bureau/

Srijan NGO used to play the fraud game with fake bank accounts, as reveled during the course of investigation.

The special audit team which has started conducting the audit of Bhagalpur central cooperative bank has fond over 30 accounts of Srijan NGO with different banks, raised question not only on Srijan NGO but also on the banks’ credentials.

On the instruction of district magistrate, Bhagalpur all the government departments have started the scrutiny of its respective bank accounts, also found many irregularities.

In the wake of the Srijan scam, the special audit team has been assigned to conduct the audit of the cooperative bank, was surprised to find such huge accounts through which Srijan used to do the big transactions. The team has found 29 such accounts by which transactions were conducted while the account with Punjab national bank does not have any money. It has 9 accounts with bank of Boroda at Bhagalpur branch while 3 in Sabour branch, 5 accounts in Bhagalpur branch of Indian bank while another 3 accounts at Sabour branch of this bank, 3 accounts in Gramin bank, Sabour, 1 in UCO bank, Sabour branch, 3 in Bhagalpur central cooperative bank, 3 in SBI, Sabour apart from other accounts with HDFC, Axis bank and bank of India, Bhagalpur also.

The team found that 5 accounts with SBI, Sabour of the Srijan for fixed deposit were earlier closed. The team has conducting the inquiry of total deposit and withdrawn in such banks accounts since 1996.

SIT which earlier also conducted investigation, reportedly found many fake individual accounts mainly operated by people concerned of Srijan NGO. A SIT source disclosed that the former ADM, Bhagalpur, JayeShree Thakur with the connivance of Late Monorama Devi had done huge transactions through different banks, mainly depositing money and transfer of government amounts to Srijan Mahila bank during her tenure.

When SIT had started examining minutely, majority of such individual account holders at Banka district were found fake. “Even when we searched JayeShree Thakur, her flat at Tilka Manjhi locality at Bhagalpur was locked from outside and neighbour told the she went Bangalore for treatment,” a SIT official told. The officer however said since the cases were transferred to CBI, the investigation was stooped by SIT but in due course of the investigation, CBI would find many clues related to this fake game.

The officer however narrated the mods of operand of JayeShree Thakur who at her tenure as district land acquisition officer, Banka managed to acquire hundreds acres of lands from farmers in comparatively low rates and started providing compensations from her own accounts. But after taking the actual amounts of such compensations from the government, she managed the payments such fake individual banks accounts in the names of farmers. “The big amounts in such fake individual accounts were subsequently transferred to other accounts with other banks and were finally diverted to many places like investments in big shops, apartments or malls etc”, the officer disclosed. SIT already has handed over all of its’ concerned findings like how JayeShree and Late Monorama Devi was involved in the racket.

Meanwhile, all the drawing and disbursing officers of the respective government departments here have started the scrutiny works in centralized way at the auditorium of DRDA building here. Earlier, district magistrate, Adesh Titarmare had instructed to verify all the concerned accounts of the respective government departments, mainly the deposit and withdrawals. “After completing the scrutiny of accounts, we have to fill up a form given by the district administration to be enclosed with our reports,” an officer of a department informed.

The centralized scrutiny of banks accounts of different government department has been going on under the supervision of Kundan Lal, district audit officer, Munger-cum- head of Srijan special audit team. He said that the initial report would be prepared by 15-20 September next and with the report everything would be cleared particularly embezzlement of government money by Srijan NGO.

However, sources claimed that during the scrutiny works, it was come to light that embezzlement of government money was also done by Srijan NGO from different blocks here. It also come to light that Srijan NGO had started parking of huge government amounts to its own accounts since the financial year 2002-03 which all off sudden increased during 2005-05 but government’s huge amounts started parked in it after 2010. “After completing the scrutiny of the accounts, actual picture would be cleared,” an officer pointed out.

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