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Shadow of terror.

Goons & gun culture gifts brutal incidents ; lack of development and infrastructures still hurdles to get rid of prevailing medieval era at Naugachia


November 27th, 2017

Our Bureau/

Naugachia police like many previous occasions once became helpless in solving the brutal murder mystery of a maha Dalit family even after passing more than 48 hours.

Police is still in dark to ascertain reason behind the brutal killing of Kaniya Ram and his family members including wife and younger son. His teenaged daughter, only survival of the incident, was shifted from JLNMC hospital, Bhagalpur to PMCH, Patna last evening with critical brain injuries.

Deputy inspector general of police, Vikash Vaibhav  said police yet not have any solid evidence mainly due to the hostile attitude of the neighbours of the victims, investigation has speeded up on scientific techniques. He said the sole survivor, Bindi, remains only hope for police but since she has been in coma and fighting battle with life at PMCH, police would have to wait till her recovery.

Hick of brutality .

Bindi received sharp wound on her skull which damaged some nerves besides fractured the bones of her neck. “It was most brutal incident as the victims were mercilessly hit with sharp weapons,” said a police officer. Neighbours along with the villagers were recovered the body of mother and daughter in complete necked state while the private parts of the body of the  male victims were chopped out.

Kanik, didn’t have any enmity with any one, the villagers claimed.  Villagers however on conditions of anonymities raised question over the suspect attitude of next door neighbours of the victim family. “The murders not less than 10-12 persons must presence at the spot over 1 hour at least and even washed the blood stains from the sharp weapons by which they lynched the family members, at the hand pump of one Dulari Devi, a next door neighbour. Interestingly, not a single neighbour heard any noise at that night,” they pointed out. Sources said, all the neighbours are relatives of the deceased persons and there was some family dispute over the fishing right. “The victim, Kanik who recently managed to take a Jalkar (water body in the diara land) with Rs 1.70 lakh with some co-villagers near Pasraha, used to sale fishes to eke out livelihoods,” they pointed out.

Even after such massacre of a family though in such brutal manner, the neighbours particularly the women hardly have any reactions today when a group of media persons visited the village.

Akilesh (23) second son of Kanik who escaped unhurt because at that night he was watching the Jalkar of one Shambu  where he is night guard of Rs 7 thousand monthly remuneration. Elder son of the deceased Santosh (26) a migrant labourer works outside Naugachia. Two married daughters of Kanik reached to the village but didn’t say a single word. Their silence indicates some other stories behind the incident.

The incident rocked the incident, particularly due to the brutality. Observers alleged century old social sins still thriving at Naugachia, a sub-division of Bhagalpur. Sandwiched between furious Ganga and Kosi rivers this sub division earlier in 1992 had given a status of separate police district with a superintendent of police to counter crime, mainly brutal murders.

Two persons including a child burnt alive in the name of witch-haunting recently has rocked the entire areas. Land dispute is said to be main reason behind the incident in the crime-ravaged Naugachia police district.

Naugachia residents have many experiences of such heinous acts.

Madehpura MP, Pappu Yadav who visited the village today, expressed his serious concerned over the manner Naugachia earned notoriety in crime.

“The inaccessible topography of the region along with the fertile lands is the reasons of crime while the vagaries of Nature has made the people so ruthless,” remarked a top ranking cop. He however claimed that effective policing has somehow managed to reduce the crime graphs within last 2-3 years.

“Earlier the criminals used to chop people into pieces. Brutal murder of Pritam Bhattacharya was done in Naugachia which rocked the nation. And police always blame the topography just to hide its inefficiency,” commented Dinesh Kumar, a lawyer at Naugachia court.

Many social scientists including former HOD, post graduate department of  psychology, Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, Dr Ratna Mukherjee has also blamed the entire environment for changing the normal behavior of human being. “The ruthlessness from the Nature automatically transformed into the mindsets of inhabitants as they always feel insecure,” Dr Mukherjee observed.

While Dr Vijay, an expert in diara lands of Ganga and Kosi blamed poverty, unemployment and illiteracy for such incidents. “Even after long years of Independence the vast population of the vast diara lands remained untouched by the government. People there have to fight with all the odd situations like recurring floods and other hazards. The adverse situations virtually made them wild mainly for their survival,” he observed.

Besides, many blamed politicians who also use the goons for their own vested interests. Anuj Shivlochan, a senior journalist at Bhagalpur blamed Naugachia still gives the essence of medieval age, still in the grips of goons and guns.

Former divisional commissioner, Bhagalpur H R Sirohi had prepared a blue prints for overall development of the areas which also have maximum agricultural and dairy potentialities. But unfortunately, such projects as usually thrown into the west paper box by the policy makers.

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